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Ameet Joshi
What You Learn from Life, is what you Earn for Life....
What You Learn from Life, is what you Earn for Life....
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The battle within: Why do we need our demons?
Let’s face it. Every once in a while we’ve come across situations in life which either annihilates us or glorifies us. Nonetheless, they have been our moments and we can’t get rid of them even after we’re buried. They might die with us, but they will live o...

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Time as a Creator
It’s divine, how our souls meet It is the confluence of worlds, the most vividly dreams. It’s heavenly, how our smile screams. Not for a moment, not for a second, we wish to be away. A lifetime is just a day, and that’s not all. It’s powerful, how timeless ...

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All shall be well
Are you not here? Right here, in my heart You know what storms I hold I know how your volcanoes taste But that’s not all, is it? All those tornadoes, of our woes will be pacified. All that lava of pain will turn cold. Because, a story will be told of our en...

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Soothing the shores
Why does the shore
scream? Why does it always
touch my feet? Has it sinned? Or am I superior to
it? Maybe it is tired of the storms. Or just escaping the daily norms. “Smile a lot and
shine a lot”, it said while the sun
waited to set. Two hearts waited
for ...

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Being Worth It!
All the laughs and all the tears All the courage and all the fears What’s more worth than your love or more precious than your time? If I am worth it, I will have it all in a moment or in light years. Why should I let the sands slip from the hourglass? I’ll...

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Kill the distance!
Let go all the
inhibitions Let go the
prohibitions Come, let’s go away
from this pain Just you and me, dancing
in the rain. No more suffering
cynicism No more pretending to
love spiritualism Come, let’s follow
romanticism Just you and me,
into the prison of...

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Theory of Relatives: Are they worth it?
It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that
relatives are the “necessary evil” we all need in our lives. Though you can’t
get away from them, you also can get enough of them too. From the day we’re
born to the day we’re cremated or buried six feet under,...

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From dreams to destiny: An infinite journey!
It has been quite some time that I haven’t written a
story about my life. Since the day I left my beloved Pune, life has been like a
roller coaster ride. Come on, we all get to have some buffer time. Mine took a
little longer. Because, I wanted to achieve m...

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Lost & Found
I was searching for
my soul, and I met you. Was it destiny or
were we meant to be? Can you see?
Miracles do happen. You were the
missing piece of my puzzle. I was the broken
being. You were the notes
that made my symphony
complete. I was a song
without tune...

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A Glimpse!
glimpse in your eyes is
all it takes for
the madness to begin, and
for all the love that’s within my
heart, to be yours, My
love! A
glimpse in your eyes is
all it takes! For
discovering the treasures of
owning the pleasure to
be with you, My
love, A
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