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As a person who has a separate Google+ profile, and YouTube channel (I watch different things, I like different stuff, and all in all enjoy a different experience on both of them.) I have no idea why, if Google left that as an option, it's so difficult to so much as comment on a video after the change. I already have a channel google+page (yall aren't getting it, you should be able to figure it out :P)... It's to the point where I might shut down the youtube half of things, and build entirely different accounts, for EVERYTHING.

I shouldn't have to be that inconvenienced. I mean, yeah, the service is free, and google makes money from the Ad's I've become a trained ignored of, but still, geez!

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Chillen out with Conner and the gang on new years. 
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This is a pretty fun game... Gets laggy after an hour or so, but usually a refresh fixes that... I'm reminded of C&C with this one, much fun

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Congress... wow... They get off on trying to help bog corps protect their property, and I understand that, but there's a point of reasonably in realizing that this won't help anything

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Hah, It looks like the great Google will finally crush facebook, and I am now an early adopter.
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