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Department of Statistics, University of Auckland

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Here's a video we made in May 2005 during a research trip to the Bay of Islands. Statistician Rachel Fewster, the Department of Conservation, cameraman Stephen Cope, and some assorted other people spent a week collecting rats to help detect patterns in their migration and make better informed decisions about eradication.

Rachel also covers the importance of statistics for the work.

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Here's a video I made:

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How many people watch a TV channel each week? Is it just the number of monthly viewers divided by four?

+Rachel Cunliffe, a former lecturer, was on Media7 discussing this erroneous assumption which had dire consequences. Watch below.

Media7: Series 8 Episode 2 (Part 1)

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SciSpace is being closed down for the rest of summer school due to construction work.

Assignments will still be handed in and collected from the same place (outside SiSpace). Blank coversheets will be available by the hand in boxes, but there will not be any staplers available.

The assistance room has moved to 114-G14 (room G14 on ground floor of Commerce A - behind the Clock Tower) and also had a slight change to hours: 9-1 and 2-4 instead of 9-3. The assistance room is open for the rest of this week and Tuesday to Friday next week.

There are still a few copies of the STATS 10x previous test and exam booklet. These are $7.50 each and available from the stats office on the first floor of Commerce A. Only cash can be accepted - preferably the correct change.

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Video is being uploaded to YouTube, roughly 3,600 times faster than you'll be able to watch it. For some scale, Google has this little website:

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Hello dear Internet, friends and family of Australasia's largest Department of Statistics, and the birthplace of the R statistical software.

Today we have the first day of a workshop on probability taking place here, locally organised by Ilze Ziedins, Mark Holmes, and Jeff Hunter.
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