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Mobile display and camera calibration
Mobile display and camera calibration

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Donald Trump using his presidential Twitter account to attack and direct an angry mob.
This is against an American company who objected to the immigration and refugee ban by presidential order.

+Nordstrom​, based in Seattle said regarding the business with the US president's daughter's:
"Based on the brand’s performance we’ve decided not to buy it for this season."

(Edit: tweet has been deleted, replaced by Google cache)

I guess he had to show who's "calling the shots"... about what will be in fashion stores.
Since women are expected to dress like women, that makes perfect sense isn't it.

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Play Store downloads stuck

I guess I need some help with that:
Abroad and roaming for 10 days (no Wi-Fi), I'd like to install and update some apps but the Play Store is unable to go past this on my Nexus 5X.

Initially I thought the carrier might be blocking or slowing down a lot app updates in an attempt to cut down roaming data, but my tablet's Play Stores updates just fine when tethering to my phone.

I tried resetting Play Store data, resetting apps preferences, downgrading and upgrading Play Store apk from the latest one on Apkmirror, restarting the phone; nothing works.

Since I'm roaming, factory reset is not really an option.

Would you know how to fix that?

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I'm learning C++ to write some DSP stuff. But after reading a lot about rust on Hacker News I had to at least try, that was yesterday.

So far I like it quite a bit, it's so neat compared to C++, but as a complete rookie not everything make sense.
Like Vector's performance overhead.

Help welcome :)

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Highly informative video from last year's +CppCon​​ where +Timur Doumler​​ explains very well audio programming with C++.

I'm currently learning C++ to write a multichannel software DSP to run on +Raspberry Pi​ so this video as well the whole channel comes handy.

This project is as much an excuse to learn new things as to address a need I have now to do real-time room correction and speaker tuning for various music and home cinema sources.
The miniDSP 2x4HD I already have doesn't cut it due to many limitations and lack of extensibility, so I decided to build my own solution ☺️

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This type of reaction from the Internet giant doesn't seem very wise.

Depending on how much you rely on your Google account / accounts for daily and professional life, a suspended Google account can lead quickly to job loss or worse.
A good reminder to all of us that nobody should solely rely on one company, as they will take abusive steps like this one at will as "punishment" for breaking one of their rules.
Denying access to your digital life is not okay.

It would be a lot more responsible for Google to handle that via the existing justice system, via whatever is adequate for a breach of contract with a customer instead of using their dominant position as self serving justice.

That was the Black Mirror time of today, thanks Google! 

Hello dear American friends.
We're not quite sure what's gonna happen with the US nor the implications worldwide following Trump's presidential election.

His first speech was okay. Unlike everything else in his campaign. How the country will be run hopefully won't reflect the campaign strategy.
You got to be extremely optimistic to anticipate positive outcomes tho.

2 years ago I was very close to move to the US to build a life. After doing my homework, understanding the trends and what I didn't want to compromise, all that got to an end.

I stayed in Europe instead and live happily in Sweden for almost a year now.
The difference: not anymore taking for granted that people around me share the humanistic and democratic values I hold high.

Now if you feel left out and think you don't want to be a part of what's not gonna go in the right direction, or if your rights and safety are likely to be in jeopardy, be assured that yeah things actually quite different in most of Europe.

You have an opportunity to work or study in the old continent? Give it a shot.
Sweden for instance has a rather generous immigration policy at the moment; everyone speaks English (a lot of jobs in tech are not requiring speaking Swedish)

I'm not advocating for giving up but in case, know that there could be alternatives.
You're the only one who can take decisions on which environment you choose for yourself for now and your (or your family's) future.

All my best. 

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I'm very curious on how good the voice performance will be on #GoogleHome especially for barge-in commands with only 2 microphones compared to the Amazon Echo with its array of 7.
(barge-in is voice commands while something the speaker plays something: the assistant's voice or music)

Google chose to angle the top area, which also means acoustic echo cancelation will be substantially better if you're in front than sort of behind.

It might make sense since it's we're talking about a directional, mono speaker; however it doesn't match with how they show it will be used in their own ad: a 360 radiating unit would be better suited for that.

Will their trained AI used as acoustic echo and noise cancelation work better as they say than the proven algorithms built for audio DSPs instead with a large array of microphones?
Will it be good enough to get your voice commands from a distance when you're listening to music or video content also?

We'll see! I hope the press will pay attention to evaluate that type of stuff 😉
The voice recognition performance in non-optimal condition is a primary element which will decide if this device will stay a proof of concept gadget that people stop trying to use quickly or a convincing platform for the assistant Google wants to build.


Love to my fellow countrymen, women, families in France and aboard

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Luminist, a voice control app for your +Philips Hue lights now online

You can become an alpha-tester for the proof of concept release.
It's limited to English and in functionality, a lot of things are not implemented yet but switching on and off works :)
- unless it doesn't because you know, it's only the first alpha
Also it's simple, and free.

Hoping you'll have fun with that!

Just uploaded an apk in the Play Store in alpha testing!

I wonder how much an app stays in "pending update" stage before becoming accessible to everyone nowadays :)
Hopefully not too long, so I can share with you before bedtime...

It makes me happy to make again stuff people will actually use.
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