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I'm blown away by the new photo search in Google+ where it's recognizing subjects in my own photos -- here the various times I've run into snakes while hiking.

It's unbelievable how the state of the art in computer vision has progressed recently. And I can't imagine the amount of number crunching that must have gone into all this picture processing!
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I've got a question about reloading of directives when using ngView.

This is my setup:
* ngView to switch between views
* one view has a directive (+service) that has a high cost of setting up, and has some state that I want to remember when switching between views.
* I keep all the state in the service.
* The component that I have to setup and want to cache (Arcgis map) needs a div at construction time. So when switching for the 2nd time the map is already constructed and I cannot attach the div again.

At the moment I have a solution to return the map and do element.append but this is not very clean because the 2nd time I switch to the map, there will be 2 nested divs with the same id.

Should I fix this with compile or something else? Or is using views here not the best solution?


In the example, I want the user to be able to use the map (zoom, pan) and when he switches back and forth, the map must remember his position.

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Finally! I was using it already for a long time, but now it's out officially in Belgium.
Hey Austria, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Portugal, get ready to rock! Google Play Music has arrived  on your #Android ( and on the web ( Store up to 20,000 songs on Google Play for free and stream to your devices for instant listening, anywhere.
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What do you think about this? One example:
Wow, the +AngularJS docs are not in very good shape. There are a bunch of paradoxes, unexplained issues, discussions in the comments that desperately need answering, missing pages, pages out of order, outdated or just plain wrong practices and more.

Hoping to be able to contribute soon, but I do feel like the team should slow down development and focus on solidifying version 1.0 first, docs inclusive.

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I have a question about unit testing with Angular, mostly about unit testing services.
I've set up a basic example

My question is the following, how do I test the toTest function that depends on the deferred to be triggered. I can call the set function first but would rather not because set depends on some other things.

Some of the options I can think of:

1. Call set first so deferred is resolved. Set can depend on many other things.
2. add deferred to _export
3. make the function in then a named function, add it to _export and test that function
4. ????

What do you think are the best options? None of these options seem very clean to me.


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Great article about the new (starting from version 1.1.4) ngAnimate directive:

ngAnimate looks very nice, going to try this out myself soon!

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The +Adobe Developer Connection just posted this article on Getting started with AngularJS.  Follow it to build a snazzy photo viewer.

Interesting quote:

One notable characteristic of the application is just how little JavaScript code needed to be written...It's also important to note something that is absent. The JavaScript is completely devoid of code that manipulates the DOM. This characteristic of AngularJS makes it very different from many other JavaScript frameworks. This feature means it's much easier to build soundly architected applications with clear separation between application logic and view rendering.
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