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Transfer of "The DAO" tokens from your local wallet to another Ethereum address using geth
Unable to transfer DAO tokens using the Mist Wallet Fascinated by the idea of a distributed autonomous organization I bought some DAO tokens sending ethereum money to the address 0xbb9bc244d798123fde783fcc1c72d3bb8c189413 as explained by The DAO . Due to th...
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My presentation held on Java User Group Hamburg on #AngularJS and #Spring 4. Thank's for the inspiring discussions and perfectly organized hosting!
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AngularJS 1.3.0-RC0 - Sonic Boltification - is finally out. This major release fixes a bunch of bugs with ngModel and ngAnimate and it also introduces a new feature for form validations where promises can be used to render asynchronous validation.

The RC0 release is a major step closer to the final 1.3.0 release. Now that we're into the RC release stage, this means that most of the API for 1.3 is decided upon and the next releases up until 1.3.0 stable will be fixing the remaining bugs.

The CHANGELOG below outlines the breaking changes, bug fixes and the new features.

The article below goes over the new form features in detail:

A super special thanks to all of the developers whom helped put this release together. You guys are amazing:

Brian Ford
Caitlin Potter
Colin Casey
Erin Altenhof-Long
Igor Minar
Jason Bedard
Jeff Cross
Julie Ralph
Michael Barton
Pawel Kozlowski
Peter Bacon Darwin
Richard Harrington
Sekib Omazic
Shahar Talmi
Smitha Milli
Tim Kindberg
Tobias Bosch
Vojta Jina
Wesley Cho
Zach Pomerantz
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We built Wijmo 5 to have first-class +AngularJS support from the start. We also brought our famous FlexGrid and the popular ICollectionView to JS! 
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