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Should, or shouldn't I? (Spend $1,500 on Google Glass, that is). Does anyone have any experience with it? Is it worth it?

To my Houston friends: Does anyone have any great idea for an awesome party location in downtown Houston? Somewhere near the GRB Convention Center? Looking to host a few hundred people. Ideally a location that one can't just go to and have a drink on their own. So something that is unusually cool in that sense. (Like we had previously had parties at the Dallas Aquarium for instance, which was neat). But if we can't find anything like that, then a really cool bar or something along those lines would be an option too.

Friday the Paraolympics are set to open in Sochi. Makes you wonder: Will all countries just go there and act like Russia is oh-so-great-and-friendly and like nothing happened one more time?

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We have just released a new build of CODE Framework. There are quite a few changes. One of the biggest new features is the addition of a new theme called "Wildcat", which is now available as a draft version. Wildcat is inspired by Billy Hollis' StaffLynx application. (And, btw, thanks Billy, for allowing us to add this). You can get this new build at 

Dang it! I just had some kind of a problem, and now I forgot what it was. I think I am getting old :-)

Here's a question for my Mac-expert friends: Can you think of anything that could be wrong when I can't connect to a Windows machine using Remote Desktop on the Mac? Remote access is on for sure on the Windows 8 box (I routinely connect to it from other machines). The firewall isn't blocking anything. I can connect to shares on the Windows machine from the Mac through Finder. But when I try to connect through Remote Desktop, it says the machine isn't found. Hmpf!

On a side-note: Why the heck can't Finder just see all the machines on the local network like any other computer could? What happened with "it just works"?

Does anyone know if there are any waterproof cases for @Fitbit one at this point? Or any of the other Fitbits for that mater?

Excited about the upcoming WPF training. Just finished the final details of the brand new WPF/XAML Anti-Patterns session. This will be some cool stuff. And no doubt ruffle some feathers. I need to write some articles about this stuff! :-)

Working on a new CODE Framework theme called "Wildcat". It is am homage to Billy Hollis' Staff Lynx app. He was nice enough to give us permission to do this. There are some details in this theme that are quite tricky, I have to say. One item in particular has kept me busy for the last few days. But we are getting close! :-)
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