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A.K.A. dreamingfifi, Your Friendly Neighborhood Linguist
A.K.A. dreamingfifi, Your Friendly Neighborhood Linguist

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I în hen delu. Ni *basseril, a bin laew tangadanner i ni fuiar. Ach guion eno. Avon *daved an delos. Limmidin i thîr în na nim a vudas. *Aden i 'wanu nîn, avon dared!

*passeril - pansexual woman
*dav- to permit, allow
*aden - until

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Huge updates to Your (Neo)Sindarin Textbook coming this fall! I went into detail in this post on my website, if you're curious.

So I was going through the sentence-syntax lesson, editing it and preparing it for the book, and after working on it non-stop for about 12 hours (forgot to eat lunch or dinner, I was so absorbed into it) I came up with a new idea for how to handle "en estar" and "estathar aen". Maybe I'm a little loopy from low-blood sugar and what I came up with is nonsense best ignored, I have no idea. So I'm sharing it with you guys to get it picked apart before I add it to my book.

The crux of it is - these both are passive voice. We can't be sure what exactly else is going on with them, but passive voice - that is pretty certain. I think that this passive voice syntax was abandoned in Tolkien's later Sindarin, since we've got "Noun [copula] past participle" for the passive voice attested later on.

And thus, a new idiom grows in my mind:
noun1 noun2 estannen.
noun1 is called noun2.

Noun2 isn't mutated.

And then, because of how one introduces oneself (myself Fiona - Im Fiona) which means that the name avoids being mutated as a direct object - we'd use "im" instead.

im noun2 estannen.
myself is called noun2 / I'm called noun2.

So, is this a nonsense interpretation or am I on to something? (whoa, sentences are getting hard to string together, not sure how understandable all of that will be)

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Here's a difficult one - how to translate "honor"? I've been thinking of using "name" to refer to reputation, as in "good name/bad name", but I'm iffy on it. What do you think?

I'm gunna do it. I'm really gunna do it! I'm writing a letter asking the Tolkien Estate whether they'd be opposed to me publishing my Neo-Sindarin textbook. If they give me the goahead, then I'll start the process of making it printable. Any tips? (Fiona may or may not be slightly terrified)

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The LotRO Neo-Sindarin Plugin is finally complete and available for download! Details are in the link below.

I'm making words for "lawful, law-abiding" and "law, rule" in Sindarin. Basing it off of thanya/sanya (from STAN) Quenya, I've got thain/thein for the adjective and theinas for the noun. What do you think?

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BTW, if you linked to specific pages on my website, you'll have to update the URLs. For example, what used to be:
now is:

The domain name is the same, but the specific pages are now different because I changed it over from a custom PHP website to a Wordpress website. Please spread the word! A lot of people are getting linked to pages that get them the "Not Found" page.

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