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Pep Cookiedoe
I am the founder, written voice and drawn face of the RCE, or Red Cat Epidemic, a small contingency with a goal bigger than the world.
I am the founder, written voice and drawn face of the RCE, or Red Cat Epidemic, a small contingency with a goal bigger than the world.

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this is what my avatar is from




Also I have clothes now, so that's cool.

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A day later, this post was followed by;
"Im just joking with you guys XD"

Cue the desperate drama-based attention whore. This is actually the same skank who I caught out before, she has made a new account in hopes of throwing me and the other haters off her trail. Well, it worked for about a month, but now I have found her, and I encourage you all to either give this tactless skank some rude shit to deal with, attack her fans verbally, or just ignore her entirely. I'm happy to bring her attention though if its majorly negative.

I personally have Sarah Davies to thank for bringing me this dumb tramp the first time around, now its time yet again; to make her life hell until she fucking learns something, preferably how to stop relying on social networking sites to appease her low self-esteem and actually doing something with her life.
+Diego D, +Sarah Davies and anyone else who feels like stomping this attention vying bint, let her have it.
I'm leaving .__.
I can't be on here anymore...
I know i came back lots of times...
But this is my last goodbye
:'( im going to miss you all.....

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I said I was going to talk about this at the end of my religion controversy post, and so now I am.

This isn't for the purpose of purely bashing America, I have a couple really good friends from the states, though I can't say I won't hold my mouth about certain things, and I certainly do not promise zero offense from this, but if you're a regular follower this should come as no real surprise.

Let's say what is actually decent about America before i begin going into the reason they're shit.

Television and Video Games
I put my hands up here, there are some terrible American Video Game developers as well. Activision and EA are what you could call the scum of the gaming Industry, but Nintendo and Popcap are also pretty malicious, and don't even get me started on the producers of Farmville.

I could list out multiple bad American Video game companies, but then I remember it also has one of the best. Insomniac Studios is the developer behind my favorite game franchises and to date the only franchise in which I've been eager to beat more than one game and done so. Anyone who knows me well recognizes that I really enjoy the Ratchet & Clank games, its the only reason I ever give enough of a shit to go into my brother's room and play the Playstation 3.

About the only television I watch is American television, since I don't really understand the East or Japan and their odd way of storytelling and comparing House to Mr Bean is about as disparate as you get with British to American Television.

As for Australia, I can't remember the last time our media even mattered or I even gave a shit.

The 80% of Americans who are A-okay in my book.
Again, I'm focusing on the stupid minorities with the hate, mostly Americans are okay as people, sometimes a tad thick but we all have our thickies.

Okay now time to tell you why you're shit.
Despite everything I'm about to say I still consider America fairly okay as countries go, you can do much worse, that's for sure.

So here's a list of what really annoys me about America.

This is also a strength, but when your Pride becomes so sickeningly overbearing that someone feels the need to wake you up with a missile plane you know you've been shooting too many American eagles out of the place they feel comfortable.

The Illusion of Freedom
Again, this is also a plus, because it means you have pride, and without both of these you wouldn't be where you are today. America is ruled by a monarchy just like everywhere else, the difference is that the government go to an extreme amount of effort to sugarcoat this idea, which is probably good. I'm actually leaning in favor of this being positive if not for all the fucking hypocrisy wrapped around it.

These two are by far, the least concerning to me. Lets move onto the grit.

Two questions:
1. Why the fuck does this pack of phenomenal idiots even exist when we have Senate.
2: Why are their terms so bloody long.

These computer-shy morons are about the most aggressive pack of wolves for tearing down the foundations of piracy, albeit miserably failing, because as I've already stated, trying to stop pirates is like trying to sink Atlantis 12 centuries after it has already accepted its fate on the bottom of the ocean.

I am not that well versed in this subject, but I know Hollywood is behind a lot of these morons when trying to put forth anti-piracy acts.

Speaking of Hollywood.

The United States Media
Here comes the big one. This aspect of America can just fuck right off, seriously, you are the biggest bunch of fucking drama queens I've ever seen.

BREAKING NEWS: 26 KIDS DIED IN CONNECTI- blahdy blahdy blah yeah we've all heard this before.

Boo-fucking-hoo, kids die all the time, if you're trying to compete with tragedy here, I'd recommend stepping up and bowing to Africa you arrogant twats.

I know the media does this to fatten up its wallet and understandably so, because these stories sell like Billio. Too bad they are endorsing the kind of activity that they are claiming is bad in the first place.

Lets go into another piece of media Coverage which is just fucking despicable.

Cry some more, America. People who live in Glass houses, shouldn't throw tantrums.

I was only about 15 when this story was on TV, and my response, a resounding EHHH. It might have been tragic if 20 million were killed, that's a decent chunk of your population, but no, it was only scratching two-thousand. Though I would have been happy to disregard this had you not started a completely unnecessary fucking war over it.

What really annoys me about this sort of noisy horseshit is that it was only several decades ago you dropped Hiroshima the Bomb and killed millions of people. The funny thing is that Japan didn't have an outcry over it and throw stones at you from their house which was now made of Glass.

So if millions are killed but the country doesn't whine, but then 2000 or so are and your country does, it means only one thing.

That you are a huge fucking Drama queen. Somehow you still wonder why the world hates you, and to my gratuitous resolve, this isn't even the main reason. Speaking of which...

Your inexplicable urge to invite yourself over.
This is by far, the most sickening of your traits. Every other country keeps their hands to themselves why can't you? The Tsunami in japan was rather tragic, but they clearly didn't need your help, they were already on top of things before you arrived. But your Global Care packages are at least noble. Here is where it starts to irritate me.

Forceful bypass of Jurisdiction
Let me ask you something, America. Has a band of Chinese shock-troopers ever entered your country, and detained a criminal who had fled back to the US after some sort of Insurgency in China... wait why am I even asking. of course it hasn't. If it had it'd be all over the news.

So why then, do you feel it is your right to go into New Zealand and other countries outside your jurisdiction and detain people who have fled back there, or who always were there. Hackers come to mind when American asserts its global espionage bullshit.

You'll notice they only pick on countries they can actually get away with messing with.

Mexico and China are countries they simply wont do this sort of thing to, because China could easily fry them with its massive population, and Mexico is similar. Despite being outside the Jurisdiction of the United States, it doesn't stop Canadian citizens from being arrested by a group of U.S. marines. America in this vein is a big bully. It tries to exact its misaligned focus of justice only to countries smaller than it is. You wont see them fuck with Russia because Russia wont put up with it, the same goes for China, Mexico and India. They can stand up for themselves, but they are generally happy to keep to themselves, why can't you follow suit America? This is the reason you receive hatred from around the globe, you are a bully, a huge hypocrite, a stupid self-absorbed asshole sandwich, an arrogant vestibule of idiocy, an interference to only those who cant fight back, a drama queen of proportions only comparable to Oprah Whimfrey. A JOKE.

Typically I regard America as the influence no one wanted, like an embarrassing uncle who you feel ashamed of and who despite your best efforts constantly invites himself to your gigs.

Okay, one more thing.

Pffhahahahahaha. Seriously I've never really hated these guys, they make for  good amusement on my trolling rampages and without republicans I'd be without something to laugh at. I think these are actually a plus so long as they don't win anything. Republicans are hilariously short-sighted and endearingly counter-productive and are great toys to mess with shortly after a campaign.

Now I'm going to praise something.
Barack Obama, the only American president alive who I actually respect. Charisma out the ass, I don't really understand why this guy gets so much flak, he hasn't fucked up really badly yet, the Economy is a small price to pay for Change, and he has brought it despite what you may believe.

There has been far less interference from the US since his rise to power, and speaking as someone not on the side of liberals or republicans Barack as already given me much less reason to hate you. There's a reason the image for this rant shows George Bush fumbling around a computer rather than whose in the hot seat now. I didn't honestly feel right about having obama at the brunt of my rage, because he's respectable, and George Bush and republicans in general is why this rant even has to take place. Obama is the President you need, better than you bloody deserve.

Oh, right. I know why people are giving him flak, because you need something else to bitch about.

Gun Control is shit. So is Westboro Baptist Church but if I ragged on about small groups in the US it'd be petty, because we all have our unpleasant minorities. Besides which I think the two parties above have gotten enough fucking attention anyway.


To wrap this up, I don't think the world would be the same without America, it's sort of like the retarded cousin, he annoys you at times, especially when he tries to put play-dough up your nose, but he's a big lovable oaf, and if he wasn't there you know you'd miss him.

I just wish Hollywood would get its head out of its Ass and the media would go off and die somewhere, but then I wouldn't be trolling you all if not for the media, so I guess they can stay even if they are despicable penny pinchers.
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Ignore them, and they will perish.

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I haven't been looking forward to going on about this, mainly because it's a topic I don't have much knowledge in. I got too tired to do this yesterday and I was genuinely pleased, it meant I could show off my swag, a subject I'd actually been looking forward to. But there comes a time we all must face the stonk and eat shit.

So I'm going to discuss my stance on religion, non religious piety and why I personally am agnostic. I don't know why I'm even typing this... oh that's right, because you shits wouldn't quit crying about it.

During my time here I've become known as a sort of deranged Heretic, which I of course take as a compliment because that means your are getting your knickers in a knot over something a fictional character has said on Google+.

Generally religious fanatics are easy people to troll and serve as a light breakfast before moving onto people who might actually have some logic in their brain, by religious fanatics I mean overzealous Christians, Catholics and worshippers of Scientology. I guess I really target extremists which are funnily enough the people I should be targeting the least given that extremists are more likely to try and burn my house down but I invite you all to go suck a pantheon of horsecocks and calm your tits before giving anybody even more reason to despise you.

Though their are a fair few innocents whose posts are just sick enough to make me vomit so I tell them to stop being a preacher twat. Typically this is on an image supposed to be beautiful and it is immediately ruined for me when i see a comment like this one. "We have only god to thank for such a beautiful masterpiece!"

In itself the statement is harmless enough but I get a bad taste in my mouth whenever I read something like this, and it gets even more sappy and pathetic, honestly a statement like the one above is one I'd generally be able to ignore now. Funnily enough this is the only occasion in which I've been warned about being blocked prior to my rampage on Tatiana Whoring (whose account was suspended recently, either by herself because my words finally sunk in or because she decided to legitimately commit suicide for once, nothing of value lost blahdy blahdy bloo) and it was the G+ NASA correspondence team of all people. I guess the attention from a company which owns Logitech which owns a third of my desk sort of made me feel joy in some aspect, I agreed with NASA that i was being a dick and stepped off.

Anyway, the responses were fiery and I'm sure the only reason NASA gave a shit about my insurgence was because it was distracting other people from the actual topic.

All this stated, if you are a religious person in the way I qualify as redeemable then we have not spoken because what i say wont make you angry and chances are you just think of me as some lowlife who needs to feel competent in social conduct.

Which, given my behavior here is a very understandable presumption, but I actually have friends (fourteeen or so on Skype) and this site was originally just my way of wasting a few hours trolling outstanding fuckwits until I thought of something fun to do.

Now its basically become my second blog, wherein i don't have to worry about saying something I'll regret given that my alias here is another proxy.

Right, now I was going to talk about more than trolling from my Point of view so here goes.

Christianity, the next best senseless following prior to Scientology.
This is the group of people I've become more and more apathetic towards as time goes on, but its because of the small minority and its general lack of quality control. If I'm correct in my classification of these as a group following god not the entirey of religion centering around moses, jesus and all that, then its safely assured that going by some bullshit polls i read a year ago that roughly 70% of America is a part of this sect, and only about 24% of Australia. I'm comparing the two because America is the only country I know enough about in this field that goes beyond the borders of my own.

70% is a lot of people to be careful about and also offend but ladies and gentlemen there's a twist. A very small fraction of this percentage is on the internet to preach, and there's such a small sliver that go even further than that its not even mark-able by a flat number. But since the internet is the opposite of quality control it means that the vocal preaching minority of the christian circles are giving the rest of their group a bad name, I've met multiple obnoxious zealots that have made me mentally vomit with words, but they aren't the norm for Christians, they are just the loudest and thus the generalization is reflected on the entire christian member base.

Generally these are the people who don't have access to other places to preach so they go to the net instead, where they cant be knuckled one for being pushy.

That said mostly these fellows are happy to keep to themselves in real life and only 5% of them are stupid enough to think that bringing prayers back into schools is actually an idea of any merit.

Catholic Faith, not to be confused with Christian Faith
I admit it, I've never met a Catholic I've regretted meeting, they seem to be happy to keep to themselves and unlike Christians they do have quality control. During their church they eat proper bread and use actual *wine* instead of tawdry grape juice, its a lot more hardcore than the pussy crowd of Christianity and I'm sure that i could get into it if I didn't already have an appointment with Buddha.


No other words need to even be said, this is such a retarded religion anyone who is still into this should feel ashamed and stupid.

Muslim Faith
These fellows are mostly okay, I have a few friends from Arabia who follow this branch and they are perfectly respectable human beings and some of them speak better English than a lot of Englishman I know.

The Extremists are what has made this faith so feared for the sheer amount of fervor they possess, its also incredibly rare to find an extremist of this faith on the internet, primarily because there's too much to look at.

It's not really Muslim faith I despise, its the morals of those eastern European countries in general, which is to say, their regarding of woman as animals, though to be fair its coming to my attention that giving woman an absolute truckload of rights is also a bad idea, so maybe they are on the right track. This faith only gets so much flak because of a few terrorists who thought of a cool way to expend some American lives, a cheap aeroplane hijacking kit and some parachutes.

Being that America is basically Media central of the world, its no surprise that they have demonized these poor fellas who are just fighting for what they believe in based on a few bad apples.

This is likely, the only faith I would consider picking up, but I'm probably too worldly and dead-inside now but I've never met a Buddhist I've hated because he or she has a Buddhist, its usually been a personality trait and of all the religions I've listed insofar this one certainly wins for good morals. There's no sexism or dispute against homosexuality or bi-curiosity and there is no emphasis on preaching whatsoever. It's about inner-peace and being comfortable with yourself, not with what a book wants. Its about equality and the lack of preaching from the two Buddhists I've met during my life has basically made this religion the winner in my book. They only requested some non-intrusive time to meditate, which I was and still am fine with. Not being blindly juvenile now I could easily see myself throwing Christmas and other dumb Pagan holidays to the wind to endorse my Goblin overlord.

I thought i was going to be one for a while, but I realized that i do still believe magic is real and some gods do exist but they can't just be given the name god, to do such would be a dishonor to that which has created like billions of lifey things beyond this putrid rock. Atheism extends on the believe of no otherwordly entities and that when you die thats it, boom.

Typically I like there to be some sort of a thing to look forward to when I die, some sort of afterlife, having none just sort of gives me an existential headache.

This is a broad subject, but its my favorite of the faiths and the only one I am in by default, its that there is an otherwordly array of gods out there (or a single one) but beyond that we know fuck all, and they'd have it no other way. It also makes the most sense to me, a creator of a universe of the scope we are in is probably not all that keen on getting a billion thousand god damn prayers each day and probably just really wants us to stop giving a shit like it did. I imagine a whimsical act of where such an entity checks his prayer mail, and before reading one; sends them all to the spam folder. "To chips with you, fellows! I gave you all free will and free reign on a gravelly piece of shit but you still call me for guidance."

Ideally Agnosticism doesn't become dated either, so there are no real flaws in beleiving in it, the psyche of it is that you are your own master and the omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent space mutant wouldn't have it any other way, he just doesn't have time for all your bullshit along with shaping planets and arranging Galaxies.

*My Personal Ideals*
Which are displayed enough in some games I've made, is that there are 6 Demigods and only one God, but the God is the Agnostic figure in some sort of corporeal form (it varies) who has Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience, can Teleport to any point in the universe,
and is the systems maintainer for the six demigods and their job.

He's gone by many names, Origin, Mr Universe and Milky Way, but Origin is his real name in game-canon, the others are aliases.

His six demigod children are in charge of their own things, I'll describe these on their own though preferably shorter.

Many other names, we'd call her mother nature, she is the serene life weaver who makes trees and leaves breathe with life. But in world without bio-organisms she has no bearing.

Typically titled "The Shaper of Worlds", he is responsible for materializing lifeless rock and other things together to make planets.

Not related to many human deities, she is typically labelled "The Spellweaver" and her domain is intelligence and the blessing of universes with such thereof, she is generally assigned to picking the dominant species of a planet prior to it even going that far. Her mood towards mortals is typically Apathetic and generally shes happy to keep to herself.

Typically called Death or the Grim Reaper, he is the overlord of the Necropolis, the unaligned neutral capital of the afterlife, the others being Hel'dath (for complete fucking assholes) and Gal'vana. (for those delectable enough to hang out with angels.)

See, a less demonized impression of Satan, he has cold blue eyes, skin that is veiled completely by darkness, 2 large angel wings, which have turned pale blue, and the rest of his demanour is shrouded by dark blue robes.

He is actually not out to reclaim his place in Galvana; he wants to enjoy free will, the story goes that eventually he got sick of being the only angel who seemed to beleive in free will, the leader of Gal'vana punished him after an attempt on his life, and he was banished to a new pocket called Heldath, where he would be complacent to just do what he wanted and deal with some irritating shits now and then. Seradath gets just about everybody who dies with a thumb up their ass or who just didn't make the  "good grief" cut.

The ruler of Gal'vana, he is typically referred to God, and his frustration with Seradath might further be enhanced by the miserable acknowledgement that he is the prayer mule for every planet that beleives in some sort of wizardly jack off.

After seeing Seradath's punishment make him more comfortable, Gal'dath got hella pissed and began an assault on his brother because apparently he didn't just feel like burying the hatchet.


Going to vent about this next post, get ready...

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So yeah, I got some swag, the best being a digital camera which I know in time, I'M GOING TO *RUIN* LIVES WITH.

But its my turn first! Check it out.

I just have this *ASTONISHING* ability to look retarded amounts of insane and look INSANELY RETARDED in parallel, behold the paradox; me.

The Shirt displayed is another tenant in my room of SWAG.


So yeah, this Keyblade is the most Nerd-worthy thing I have ever had in my acquisition. THIS IS BEING COMPARED TO A SHIRT THAT BOLDLY STATES: "I AM NOT A NERD, I'M A LEVEL 9 WARLORD"
It is by far the best shirt I have ever had.
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