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#231: "Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Pit Bull" by Reuben Jackson
    ~This poem was
previously published in Clockworks (2011). I. Among twenty sleeping row houses, The only restless thing Was the voice of the Pit Bull II. I was of three headaches Like a neighborhood in which there are as many Pit Bulls. III. The Pit Bull...

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Great interview with Converse MFA teacher Jim Minick on writing and perserverance...and whether ravens can talk!

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#230: "Growth" by Amy Yelin
~This essay was
previously published in The Gettysburg
Review (2005). I bring my father a slice of pizza
and an orange soda in a grease-stained paper bag.  He is the only person in the surgery waiting
room this evening.  A ghost room. He
looks smaller than ...

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#229: "Like Everyone Else" by Tara Laskowski
~This story was previously published in Fiction
Weekly ( 2009).   It was after the
teenage girl died that Samantha Wolewski finally agreed to go out on a date
with Harry, the cops reporter who worked night shift. Up until then she’d been
dodging him—she was...

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#228: "Stewards of the Dead" by Susan E. Gunter
~This poem
previously appeared in Atlanta Review (2015). ~Selected by Clara Jane Hallar,  assistant editor for poetry                                     I watch them circle above me, wings like open pages curving slightly from the spine, a kettle of royalt...

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#227: "Out for a Walk" by Eric D. Goodman
story was previously published in The Baltimore Review (2007).             Last
night they’d eaten fried chicken in their urban row house.  The chicken bones remained in his bowl, a
skeleton of awful beauty, meat and veins still dangling.  Now, Thurbe...

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