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Nicolette Andrews
Fantasy Author, working stiff and a bit of a dreamer.
Fantasy Author, working stiff and a bit of a dreamer.

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It's finally here! Diviner's Fate is now available. Pick it up at Amazon, B&N or Apple for 99 cents for the launch. Paperback and book giveaway coming soon, stay tuned!

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I'm proud to announce the coming release of Diviner's Fate: the final book in the Diviner's Trilogy. Coming July 14th 2014

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I work full time, I'm a mother, a wife, and author. A lot of the time the latter takes a backseat but I've noticed when I put time deadlines on my writing projects I'm much more productive. I'm anticipating the release of the final book of my trilogy next month plus a related novella. That will make 3 releases in 4 months. I had that many releases in my first 12 months of being published. It helps to find what motivates you and stick with it. 

I'm curious to know where people got the idea that spamming social media sights with 'buy me' links was a good idea. I've unfollowed so many people on twitter because that's all they post that and retweeting other peoples links. I don't understand it. 

I got my inspiration music going. Time to get this final draft finished. Anyone else listen to music while they write?

Can reading a bad work of fiction help a #writer learn as much as reading a good work of fiction? 

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Twitter Strategy: How, When and What You Should Consider Tweeting

Do you think your Twitter sharing strategy could use some improvement...

And maybe even a little automation? 

After all making progress and seeing results in social media has a lot to do with productivity or spending your minutes more wisely.

And with that in mind, this post aims to help you:
  - Share your own content more effectively
  - Find and curate content more effectively

You can read it right here:

#socialmedia   #twitter   #marketing  

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The Duchess Sale through May 31st and now includes Diviner's Curse Book 2 of the Diviner's trilogy in the sale.
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Diviner's Prophecy
Diviner's Curse
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