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July 27


Christopher Mennell

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My glasses broke, so I'm getting new ones

I like the way the full frames look on me in a mirror, but not in photos. The other style is the opposite.

Which style should I go with?
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Always glad to be random-opinion dude on the Internet!
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Christopher Mennell

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I just had a really amazing conversation, rather unexpectedly, with a woman who doesn't play role playing games, but who has worked for the last few years at the NTxRPG Convention in North Texas. She spoke very positively of the convention and told me that, at least in her experience, the members of the RPG community she's encountered have been very humble and polite.

It was very refreshing to hear, although I'm honestly not surprised, considering the people I know who regularly attend this convention.

It was just really nice and refreshing to hear a non-gamer speaking so highly about how she's treated, the games and the players, and the convention as a whole, and she was very encouraging about me making the trip from New York to attend next year.

Sometimes, especially here on G+, I get so immersed in the RPG-based community that I forget what we do isn't always misunderstood or uninteresting to those who aren't involved in the games themselves.
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The general feeling from the service industry peeps I dealt with in Indianapolis was that they wish every large draw event in town was as pleasant as GenCon. Sure, some of the groups hog tables for longer than the average customer (impromptu games at the restaurant), but they are generally significantly less nasty and "entitled" acting than the tourists that show up for the races, the FFA convention and so on. 

Oh, and gamers tend to drink a lot less per capita than other conventioneers - less tourists puking in the halls, garbage cans, etc.

Then again, I haven't been there since they blew up the old Dome arena attached to the convention centre almost a decade ago, so things may have changed. But generally speaking the service industry loves gamers.
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Christopher Mennell

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Found this artwork here:

Where they describe it as such:

"Complete with many eyed monstrous balls and brains, this is a funky colorful design."

Clearly they've never played any D&D.

More importantly: anybody know the original source, and possibly where I can find the complete image?

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very much so!
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Christopher Mennell

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I need suggestions for a good SF/space exploration/space opera podcast, either actual play of an RPG or an audio-drama.

Hell, even a good review of a video game if there is heavy lore content discussed/shared;

I'm hankering for something to feed the imagination while I do dishes.
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Awesome, +Michael Phillips! Thank you!
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Christopher Mennell

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There are many legends, mythologies, and stories told of how the world of Waste came to exist (not including the mythologies of the tribes of Mōn, who fabricate a new origin myth each night to please the Avatar of Mōn that travels with them, a once-upon-a-time God of storytellers and liars).

The most widely known mythology, and what many accept (at least in some part) to be the truest interpretation, is the origin story as related by the Cosmogaunts, the mystic Astronomer-witches who turn their dark black eyes to the heavens and claim a unique understanding of the stars and planets, despite the fact the contents of the sky are never the same each night.

According to them, the "world" as perceived is physically made up of the brains of numerous dead gods, ripped from their skulls, unraveled into flat, disk-like shapes and then stitched together by a race of hive-mind, dream-eating spiders.

What purpose motivates the spiders is as much a mystery as any other, including whether or not the people and places are then facsimiles created by the God brains or are physically brought here from somewhere else.

Of course, for many of the inhabitants, the answers are as irrelevant as the questions; they are trapped here, and forced to survive by any means possible only because death itself is not an escape from this bastard world, but an even harsher prison.

To people like this, what value is there in knowing how it all came to be?
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+Kallutla shushruth it's content for a campaign setting I'm developing.

+Jer - bo Bong water?
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Christopher Mennell

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About to start designing a CCG with (and for) my 6 year old.

I want to make something that's easy to understand, fun to play, and not full of all that death/destruction of a game like Magic.

Fantasy themed...I'm thinking something with fairies, goblins, and gnomes. "Decks" would be built around a particular theme, such as protection and nurturing of the forest, spoiling nature and trickery, etc.

I'm thinking there should be a turn 10 turns until the game is over. Decks should be small, 15-40 cards, and should duplicate basic concepts of games like magic but not get overly complicated.

Are there "creatures" to summon? If so, I'd want to keep them with a single stat only, as opposed to the more common power/toughness configuration.

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Adding another post; follow hashtag #kidscardgame.
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Have him in circles
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Christopher Mennell

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Is there a Twilight Zone RPG?

If not, what rules system would work best for it?

I imagine it would be best as one-shots, not an ongoing campaign.
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If you have the right players to pull that on, yes. :)
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Christopher Mennell

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Speaking from a content-minded perspective (actual useable game content/creative ideas), who are the best people to follow on Google+?

I want to make sure I'm not missing anyone from my circles, especially anyone whose joined G+ sometime in the last year.
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How did I not realize that I could follow +The Angry GM on G+!?!?
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Christopher Mennell

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There are probably 1,000 fantasy settings with a crumbling abandoned city called "Murk" 3/4 submerged in putrid water, but I'm writing one for myself.

So if you see it and feel compelled to tell me it's unoriginal, kindly fuck off.

But if you have suggestions, I'm very open to ideas.
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+Gus L
And inside The Murk live a tribe of psychogenic mudskippers playing a constant game of stone flipping, which keeps reality running as it should. Should the game ever stop reality shall collapse in on itself.

The mudskipper skin also heals cancers of all types, and people have just learned of this.
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Christopher Mennell

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So, is +Patreon for everyone?

Has anyone experienced problems similar to Kickstarter such as delivery of content issues/broken promises?

Anyone anti-Patreon? If so, why?

Just wondering if there's some kind of consensus forming amongst G+ gamers based on experiences overt last year.
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+C Huth - true, people only paying $1 a month are actually supporting the artist for about 50c a month, but as a per item creator, I generally see an 85% return on pledges.
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Christopher Mennell

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Have a lot of people seen cans like this? And do they make any that say "Conquerer" and "King"?

Because I'd like to have the whole set.
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They are in the 12 and larger packs Coke can packs. Other cans also include "bro" and "superstar". 
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Christopher Mennell

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I started designing a card game with/for my daughter. She's 6, and I want to make something that will be easy for her to understand, fun for her to play, and help teach her some of the basic concepts of CCGs so she can be ready to transition to a more mature game like Magic.

Because I'm short on players in my house. :)

So far, I know I want it to have fantasy themes, be light-hearted but part of a larger, more complex/mature themed setting, and not focused on death/destruction while reinforcing gains and losses, card strategy, how playing certain cards impacts the game, etc.

We've come up with a world that is suffering from a "gloom"...a mysterious force that is draining color from the world. (Yeay, Okami!)

Players take on the roles of a variety of racial cultures living in a greying forest, working either to reverse the gloom or assist it. Fairies and gnomes seek to reverse the Gloom, while goblins and werewolves seek to aid the gloom (the latter as a nod to Gmork in the Neverending Story).

By approaching the game mechanics in this way, I can avoid "killing cards" that destroy creatures but can include powers that turn things b&w or to color or vice versa (this is starting to sound like Othello...)

Anyway, so as a follow-up to that brainstorming process, I started looking for inspirational art to help convey the theme I'm looking for.

There are a number of great artists whose work I love, but for today, I'm drawing inspiration from Charles Vess.

What kinds of cards should I have?

Creatures? Spells? Environments? Enchantments?

B&W versions of cards would have benefits for the Gloom, while colored cards would have benefits for the Light.

But how would this translate to a game process?

Let's say there are creature cards, and a player plays a Goblin. Let's say its "ability" is to count as two cards for gloom. If the Light player plays a card to colorize the Goblin, what power does the light side gain? If seems weird to me that a colorized goblin would benefit the light side.
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Well? Any news?
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