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I make up stuff. And like to write about games. Learn more at
I make up stuff. And like to write about games. Learn more at

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Someone shared this to the 5E group on Facebook, had to share it here.

I'm not really back on G+ yet.

Just wanted to say: +Jim Magnusson is KILLING IT on a psychedelic space opera web comic.

More news to come soon.

That is all.

Crawling back into my hole...

I've been suffering major depression and anxiety for weeks; I probably need to change my medications.

I hate to say this, but my gaming interests are part of the problem for me psychologically right now.

So, for at least a little while, I have to leave G+.

Work on various projects continues, so expect things to still be moving smoothly in some regards.

If you're waiting on an email from me though, this depression/anxiety is probably why.

I wish everyone the best, and I hope to be back soon. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.

What's the latest kerfuffle? I've had me head buried under rocks for a couple of weeks I think.

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Yesterday I announced I was embarking on a new journey.

The question is, where do I begin?

There are two things I think are important to focus on right at the beginning: having the right mindset, and writing down exactly what I'm hoping to accomplish.

The right mindset sounds easy, but I spend most of my day thinking about cake.

Mmm, cake.

The second, writing it down, is a little harder.

After all, I've said I want to help people, but what does that actually mean? What can I offer to people that would help them?

Here's what I know: I want to create a platform for myself as a springboard to larger projects that could benefit someone else, or a group of people, or a community. I imagine I will learn lessons along the way, have successes and failures, and I want a forum where I can share that with others, so people who are interested can maybe learn and grow their own platform.

Or, more likely, ignore me completely.

Is anyone looking to build their own platform?

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New logo made by my friend +postworldgames jim pinto!

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Possible logo for the new personal project.


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I'm about to embark on a new adventure!

No, I'm not starting a meth lab to offset medical expenses; Jaime nixed that idea.

Instead I decided it's time I get serious about writing, and also doing more with my life, especially for others.

Turns out I like helping people. I know; I choke every time I say those words, too.

It's easier for me to say I hate morning people (and mornings and people), but the unfortunate truth is that I actually like people; like it makes me happy and I feel warm inside.

(I'm seeking professional help to deal with this, don't worry.)

In the meantime though, I've decided I should explore this interest further, see where it takes me. So I'm going to start building a platform, a sort of spring board to lay the foundation for what I eventually want to offer people.

Because other than my body, I'm not sure what I really have to offer people in the first place. And even I'm a used, worn out, worn down sack of meat and fat (I prefer the term "decadent"), although there's plenty of me to share.

So I'm going to dive in and learn and analyze and work on myself and see what it is I have to offer, and I'm going to share that experience on a new blog I'm starting.

And my first task I'm assigning myself? I'm going to try to find five people to start on an adventure themselves, see if anyone is willing to start up a network of platform building and personal development.

The kind of thing they're willing to share with others.

And we'll go from there.

Because what's the worst that could happen?

Okay the worst that could happen is I fail miserably. But then I can just pursue my second dream.

Driving for Uber.


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+Chris Tamm you could make a $1 per each of your d100 lists, no doubt.

Regarding RPG's:

What do you need help with?

What do you struggle with?

What resource would you like to have more of (maps, monsters, etc.)?
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