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Watching one of my favorite classic Outer Limits episodes!

"The Feasibility Study":
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Via +Deborah Teramis Christian

I love this planet.
This is so cool: a walkway between Sri Lanka and India that was usable up until 1480. I am intrigued by connections that exist and then later disappear between two geographical points. Lots of inspiration there for features in fictional worlds.
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The point is, it's not man-made, NASA didn't discover it, and it's only been touched by man in the AD era. If you search around, you'll find it is largely on Hindu sites futzing with the facts to prove that God is Krishna. A culture like that is also interesting game content.
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I have such a bad habit of not saving my work.
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maybe a 'lot' more is too harsh but I've had less than a dozen crashes between Pages and Pixelmator in two plus years and had five or six in Scribus and GIMP in two plus weeks. 

I think some are also because I am trying things that are not in the ordinary but as a designer not in the ordinary is not an excuse - the software should gracefully handle the unexpected. 
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I'm tired of evil wizards, corrupt clerics, diabolical Liches, and monstrous dragons as the "big bad" of a fantasy campaign.

Give me something new.

And I kindly request not just a reskinned big bad; don't give me "...when in fact, it's the hamster whose behind the entire evil plot!"

Give me something fresh. An interesting Big Bad with an interesting Motivation.

Thanks for the help!
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C Huth
I'm tired of evil wizards, corrupt clerics, diabolical Liches, and monstrous dragons as the "big bad" of a fantasy campaign.

Try some evil accountants, corrupt masters of the horse, lonely amnesiac liches and wheezing, near-expired dragons being used as an excuse for unnecessary military spending?
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+Lee Reynoldson is right; +Todd Schumacher deserves more exposure!

Check out this great artwork!
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Thanks for the comment!
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Have him in circles
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H/T +Kimberley Mackey 

#Cyberpunk  Billboard/Bar Sign/Poster?
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That's cool.
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Sounds like a great discount! Just picked this up myself...I've been very interested in checking it out for some time.
Do you know someone who's on the fence about 13th Age? Let them know that in celebration of D&D's 40th anniversary, we're taking 40% off the PDF!

"Why should I get this? I only play D&D or Pathfinder," they might tell you. "Aha!" you might say, "13th Age is by the lead designers of 3rd and 4th edition D&D, and was created to be the game they most wanted to play! It's a fast, fun, accessible experience that takes d20 fantasy gaming to a new level with great new mechanics." "Why do you sound so weird and rehearsed? Have you been taken over by an intellect devourer?" they might ask. But you will play it cool, and not eat their brain. For now.
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You can also get it FREE with the hard copy at any Bits & Mortar-enabled FLGS.
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Whether you've backed TimeWatch yet or not, if you're a fan of Gumshoe, +Robin Laws offers advice for adding time travel to your games.
How to add time travel to various GUMSHOE games: 
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Dialogue pulled from song lyrics. Go!

"You're still alive..."

"Do I deserve to be? Is that the question? And, if so...who answers?"
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I didn't learn, I wouldn't listen
I couldn't see the books were on the shelf
For my good sense, I never missed them
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Lava apes are cool
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