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There are many legends, mythologies, and stories told of how the world of Waste came to exist (not including the mythologies of the tribes of Mōn, who fabricate a new origin myth each night to please the Avatar of Mōn that travels with them, a once-upon-a-time God of storytellers and liars).

The most widely known mythology, and what many accept (at least in some part) to be the truest interpretation, is the origin story as related by the Cosmogaunts, the mystic Astronomer-witches who turn their dark black eyes to the heavens and claim a unique understanding of the stars and planets, despite the fact the contents of the sky are never the same each night.

According to them, the "world" as perceived is physically made up of the brains of numerous dead gods, ripped from their skulls, unraveled into flat, disk-like shapes and then stitched together by a race of hive-mind, dream-eating spiders.

What purpose motivates the spiders is as much a mystery as any other, including whether or not the people and places are then facsimiles created by the God brains or are physically brought here from somewhere else.

Of course, for many of the inhabitants, the answers are as irrelevant as the questions; they are trapped here, and forced to survive by any means possible only because death itself is not an escape from this bastard world, but an even harsher prison.

To people like this, what value is there in knowing how it all came to be?
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+Kallutla shushruth it's content for a campaign setting I'm developing.

+Jer - bo Bong water?
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I recently heard this interesting anecdote on primitive languages/language origin:

All language is a system of categorization that increases in complexity over time. A good example to consider is the concept of color. Today our world is filled with conceivably millions of varying shades of colors, but the earliest cultures only had two words to distinguish color: light and dark.

Obviously their world was just as colorful as ours, but they didn't have a need to distinguish them (at least for their survival needs) so half the colors were considered "light" and the other half were "dark".

But what's really interesting, from what I understand anyway, is that in every single instance of developing languages, the development of a third distinction...the first actual color defined by a culture beyond mere "light" or "dark" always "red".


What are your thoughts?

Tagging +Deborah Teramis Christian, who might have more to share on this subject (also may want to share this to the world building community!)
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hola chris
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Do you consider yourself a "casual gamer"?

If you do, I'm looking for people for a special project. Email me at for details.

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+Gretchen S. Definitely counts!
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It's hard to tell, but I'm rockin' out at Sesame Place in my +HarebrainedSchemes Shadowrun shirt.

On second thought, this may not be the best way to represent gamers...

Looking forward to the Director's Cut release coming soon though!
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Nice! I wore mine when I went to visit the Wizards of the Coast HQ. Good times.
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Story cubes!
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Haven't been to in years! They have a HUGE gaming room separated from the sales floor, tons of Magic sets and cards, and a wide assortment of board games!

This place is right in my backyard in Nanuet, NY; there unfortunately isn't a very large RPG section...saw a small set of shelves with D&D...but still looks to be a great place to get together for card games, board games, or to run Roleplaying games.

Picked up some new dice, and a couple of sets to use as counters for my Magic play; also bought my daughter her very first comic books: My Little Pony!

Looking forward to reading those with her tonight!
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Ahh makes sense. Although for those of us not on Facebook, not particularly useful.
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I started designing a card game with/for my daughter. She's 6, and I want to make something that will be easy for her to understand, fun for her to play, and help teach her some of the basic concepts of CCGs so she can be ready to transition to a more mature game like Magic.

Because I'm short on players in my house. :)

So far, I know I want it to have fantasy themes, be light-hearted but part of a larger, more complex/mature themed setting, and not focused on death/destruction while reinforcing gains and losses, card strategy, how playing certain cards impacts the game, etc.

We've come up with a world that is suffering from a "gloom"...a mysterious force that is draining color from the world. (Yeay, Okami!)

Players take on the roles of a variety of racial cultures living in a greying forest, working either to reverse the gloom or assist it. Fairies and gnomes seek to reverse the Gloom, while goblins and werewolves seek to aid the gloom (the latter as a nod to Gmork in the Neverending Story).

By approaching the game mechanics in this way, I can avoid "killing cards" that destroy creatures but can include powers that turn things b&w or to color or vice versa (this is starting to sound like Othello...)

Anyway, so as a follow-up to that brainstorming process, I started looking for inspirational art to help convey the theme I'm looking for.

There are a number of great artists whose work I love, but for today, I'm drawing inspiration from Charles Vess.

What kinds of cards should I have?

Creatures? Spells? Environments? Enchantments?

B&W versions of cards would have benefits for the Gloom, while colored cards would have benefits for the Light.

But how would this translate to a game process?

Let's say there are creature cards, and a player plays a Goblin. Let's say its "ability" is to count as two cards for gloom. If the Light player plays a card to colorize the Goblin, what power does the light side gain? If seems weird to me that a colorized goblin would benefit the light side.
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Well? Any news?
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About to start designing a CCG with (and for) my 6 year old.

I want to make something that's easy to understand, fun to play, and not full of all that death/destruction of a game like Magic.

Fantasy themed...I'm thinking something with fairies, goblins, and gnomes. "Decks" would be built around a particular theme, such as protection and nurturing of the forest, spoiling nature and trickery, etc.

I'm thinking there should be a turn 10 turns until the game is over. Decks should be small, 15-40 cards, and should duplicate basic concepts of games like magic but not get overly complicated.

Are there "creatures" to summon? If so, I'd want to keep them with a single stat only, as opposed to the more common power/toughness configuration.

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Adding another post; follow hashtag #kidscardgame.
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The Worm Parade

Although the World of Waste is known to be a hellish realm populated by survivors devoid of any hope, it is not without its holidays, festivals, and celebrations, however macabre the themes might be.

One such celebration is the monthly "Worm Parade", where residents of the Nihylrem Quarter gather in the streets, beneath the shadows of their angular, dilapidated, rust-tinted buildings and carry the molted shell of Ühdurtha, the Earth Eater, from one edge of town to the other, prancing and twirling with an almost jovial expression.

Of course they know very well that the only thing that keeps Ühdurtha's empty skin casing from filling with pus and coming to life is the continuous noise of laughter bellowing against its thick, slimy underbelly, so they have no choice but to carry out this awful parade every single month, or risk a life rotting in the bile-pus inside the dead skin roll.

But sometimes, the people forget, if only briefly, about their horrible lives, and actually laugh with sincerity during the parade.

And foreigners passing through are often fooled by the seemingly genuine happiness expressed on this one day.

That is until the Parade reaches its end, the skin casing is coiled up at the edge of the Nihylrem Quarter, and the monsters stomach is filled with unwilling sacrifices captured during raids in the nights leading up to the celebration.

Lest the thing satiate itself on its own caregivers.
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Yeah, M Hutter! and that is a completely horrible ritual. And really cool.
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My littlest one, giving me a piggy back ride. Obviously, there's no kryptonite nearby.
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Funny story: my friend's toddler insists it's "Heeeeyyy Sister Lady" and who are we to disagree with toddlers.
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+Alan B is looking for some PLAY-BY-POST players. Anyone interested?
Recruiting PbP: D&D Basic Reboot Rules.

In the valley east of great Helm's Peak stands the Shrine of Kor. The Tavern of the Golden Vine is buzzing with rumors of lost gold, terrible monsters and divine favor for those who are brave enough to seek it. Are you brave enough to find out the truth?

Play by Post:
Character Sheet:
Signup Form: TBA
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Calling all artists! (Please Reshare this if you know someone who might be interested)

(Note: This has something to do with #Waste.)

The other night I was talking to +Logan Knight about his personalized character sheet he used in +Zak Smith's A Red and Plenty Land during +Jez Gordon's impromptu ANTIGENCON.

It made me realize I'd absolutely love to have a product of similarly designed pre-gen character sheets, only with an assortment of original, off-beat character archetypes that not only work for my cruel setting Waste, but can also be dropped in to any D&D-compatible game.

Logan said he'd be down if other artists were contributing as well, and that got me seriously thinking that this project as a standalone piece AND #Waste could BOTH be open to other content creators (a la +Rafael Chandler's recent #Narcosa thing, which also inspired me to reach out to the G+ community rather than go it alone on this one).

To be clear though: #Waste is open-source, crowd-building friendly.

The Pre-Gen Character Archetype Compilation is a paying project; I'm looking to pay professional rates to each artist who wants to contribute something.

So what are these "Archetypes"?

They aren't finalized yet (I have a starting list of about 40), but they are characters like "Faithless Paladin", "Crazed Alchemist", "Sadistic Butcher", "Disgraced Noble", "Fungal Warlock", "Infected Grave Digger", "Self absorbed Troubadour", "Demoralized Fighter", "Sickly Rogue"...things like that.

I want to offer both male and female versions, with equipment and dress drawn for functionality, not aesthetic appearance.

I'd also love to feature alternate character types...different adjective/class combos, other adjectives/classes, alternate races, etc.

I think a good starting point is 10-20 archetypes, but I'd be happy to get 100+ with all the possible variants.

What do you think? Does this interest you? Do you know someone who might be interested?

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I mean characters "illustrations/drawings" "toons" now as far as D&D never got into it...
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