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Un Viaje Sin Distancia #07: Dios no es ningún Idiota

Reciente. Un Viaje Sin Distancia #07: Dios no es ningún Idiota; Un Viaje sin Distancia #06: No te Soporto pero te Amo; Episodio #5: La compr

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: the Ars Technica Review

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is no shrinking violet. Unlike its predecessor, Snow Leopard, which concentrated on internal changes, Lion aims to remake

W3C Conference 2011

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together

iPhone - AppleCare+ - Apple Store (U.S.)

iPhone - AppleCare+ - How to get AppleCare+:AppleCare+ must be purchased together with your new iPhone. To buy it, add it to your shopping c

5by5 | 5by5 Specials #2: Thank You, Steve Jobs

5by5 - 5by5 Specials #2: Thank You, Steve Jobs

5by5 | Hypercritical #42: The Wrong Guy

5by5 - Hypercritical #42: The Wrong Guy

Retracting "Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory" | This American Life

Ira writes: I have difficult news. We've learned that Mike Daisey's story about Apple in China - which we broadcast in January - contained

Leonardo Dicaprio and Clint Eastwood GQ October 2011 Cover Story: Movies...

Leonardo DiCaprio has his pick of roles in Hollywood. But not much gets him excited. So what accounts for his choosing to play the despicabl

Book review of "Eon: Dragoneye Reborn" - Mary Windmuller: Book Reviews b...

“Eon has been studying the ancient art of Dragon Magic for four years, hoping he'll be able to apprentice to one of the twelve energy dr

Book review of "The Hunger Games Trilogy" - Mary Windmuller: Book Review...

Note: this is a guest post by my husband Joaquín Windmuller. Today I finished reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Colins. One of the first i


headless WebKit with JavaScript API

How to Change the World: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

I suffer from something called Ménière’s disease—don’t worry, you cannot get it from reading my blog. The symptoms of Ménière’s include hear

Apple at the retail crossroads John Dvorak's Second Opinion

At what point should someone short high-flying Apple shares? John C. Dvorak’s advice is simple: When the company starts closing stores and p

today I wrote some code |

And I used to think that was all there was to it. Sure, I would test my code but typically that was limited to testing whether expected inpu


migrations - Migrations Plugin for CakePHP

Introducing the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch | Official Gma...

Introducing the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Posted by Matthew Izatt, Product Manager Waiting. Walking. Watching TV. Working o

AcceleratorYYC, 1 day away from DemoCamp!

1 day away from DemoCamp! DemoCamp Calgary 21 happening this Thursday! Written by David Gluzman on Nov 14, 2011 12:11 pm So many great prese

AcceleratorYYC, Calgary App Developers Showcase – Brought to you by Chin...

Calgary App Developers Showcase – Brought to you by Chinook Center Apple Store One of Startup Calgary’s Advisors,

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 –

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2. December 19, 2011 • ∞. Amazon published this Kindle Fire vs. iPad 2 page shortly after its announcement on Se