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Kenny Fox
I wear the mask; it does not wear me.
I wear the mask; it does not wear me.
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Okay lets just take a shot in the dark.

Anyone know some single ppl who you think i might click with.

Im loyal to my partner, somewhat romantic, fight with all my heart for someone i care for. I will shower them with love.

If you know of someone single and frankly willing to give anyone a try. Congrats im that anyone :)

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Got my email saying pokemon go will be erased on the 30th for the main release.

I'm hoping the battle play is gonna be completely different. ... Ill play at first but if it's the same as beta ill just uninstall.

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Whats this? .... Why yes, i do want to be the very best!

+Michael Peeler+Nate Miller+Rhys Kenworthy​

Im trying to get a cdl but idk why. I kinda feel like part of me hopes i fail.

When i first got my permit i had a purpose for it... But now i dont. I have no idea what im doing but feel like all im doing is wasting my time.

I hate that because of a game my g+ went from being my tell all area to the place im afraid to share anything remotely personal.

Why when I'm talking to ppl can I not just be normal. I always have to make sexual innuendos. And blatant sexual advances.

The devil stands at my door and I open it,
But he won't come in.
He'd rather I suffer in righteousness,
Than be free in damnation.

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Ever time I watch this I watch it over and over probably 10x before I move on

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