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Karma Wangmo
Memories keep us alive!!!
Memories keep us alive!!!


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My daughter's 4th year birthday live on skype :)
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My daughter's 4th year birthday
Tomorrow is my daughter, Pema Yangki Dorji, so called Olivia's birthday and again I am missing there. It really aches my heart but got nothing better to do than write something for her which will be memo when she grows up. This time what sadden me most is e...

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This is an answer to question put up by Mr. Tshewang Rabgay who nominated me for the Liebester award. 

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Unexpected yet it happened.....Liebster Award
                                                            Wow an award....breath taking though I don't get to hold on to it nor need to stand for the photography with that award but it has its own qualities that takes my breath off. Actually when I went t...

Why don't Bhutan participate in PISA testing questioned Professor Dr. Wallin in Sustainable development class...

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Freedom of Speech
Ha..ha...I cannot hold and control myself from laughing when I witnessed the incident I am going to share. On 19th of November I went to Asian Institute of Technology where there are many students from different countries beside Asian students studying in t...

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"WHY" Generation turned out to be "Y" Generation
It was curriculum management and Evaluation class by Aj. Boonsiri who has a very best explanations to fewer slides she presents in the class. The class had a discussion on why curriculum need changes and in such discussion came up on Y- generation. "Y- Gene...

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Love story…yet un-proposed
For it was not into my
ears you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lip you kissed, but my
soul” and this is how our love story began. Back in the year 2007, when I just
joined Samtse college of Education after a year of apprenticeship, I had my
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