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Based on the prompt: Places you’ve lived or houses you’ve lived in, and who you “were” at that time. **) Kadang-kadang, bangun tidur jam setengah sembilan pagi, nemu kalo rumah kosong dan ga ada suara selain kendaraan lewat depan rumah adalah kondisi yang a...

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Long time no see
this is just a flash update of my boring and pathetic life, since no one will read it anyway. i just noticed that this is the 4th month of 2016 and the last time I post something was like the about the time dinosaurs existed which was somewhere around augus...

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Rekomendasi Film! (Dan Film Lain-lain)
Semenjak dua minggu sakit, pekerjaan di rumah cuman tiduran, hadep kiri-hadep kanan, dan nonton film. Buat masalah film, aku lebih rewel daripada masalah novel :') sepuluh menit pertama itu saat kritis dimana aku lanjut nonton atau langsung stop film nya ka...

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15 Picture Challenge!
heyya, folks. setelah lama cuman ngisi blog sama tulisan-tulisan ga penting, curhatan-curhatan yang ga jelas, kayaknya hidup semakin monoton (plsss) so here i am doing 15 picture challenge. pengen pos gambar doang, tapi i cant help but add some sugar text o...

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[ONESHOT] Too Young, Too Dumb
kai/krystal. 1409 words.  party!au. PG. Warning for unneccessary (not really) dirty words. ".. aku tidak bisa berurusan denganmu. Jadi, aku bersikap seolah-olah ini salahmu dan aku ingin punya alasan untuk menghindar darimu."   ( Baby I just want you back, ...

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Random Thoughts #01
You can blood sweat and tears, rip your cage and break your arms for someone who meant the universe to you. They can ask you for a glass of water and you wait for ages, filling it drops by drops. They can ask you for rain, and you pray day by day to the sky...

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Have you, people?
Have you ever walked accross the street and met somebody you used to be so close with and you're like, "Hey, how's life?" And you both decided to take a cup of coffee and talk about old days and nowadays and somewhere in between. You enjoyed their stories, ...

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You're more wonderful than the universe.
Perfection is boring. And ugly. Too bad, too many people crave for it. Dan bukan salah mereka, ya kan? The idea of perfection is so shining and brilliant they're being blinded by it. Idk what other expect from me, but I never expect perfection from people. ...

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Being 18 is weird. I have no idea how can I come up with that conclusion, because once I state44 it in front of people in their 40s, they will look at me like, "No. 18 is fun. 18 isn't weird." Because how can you call it fun being 18 when you wanted to stay...

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It surprises me now how can someone be so winner and how the other be so loser. Sadly, I'm the second. Surprising, right? At least, buat aku . How can someone be so simple and saying that he'll fly to Europe just like he'll eat salad for breakfast. Like "no...
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