Scribus 1.5 is progressing. New features coming from the Git experimental branches have been merged recently into the trunk.
-  Foonotes management : footnotes calls can be inserted anywhere in a text frame. A footnotes frame is automatically created for the footnote's text. 
- This same merge also introduces the ability to create references to other places of the document (ex: see page 222).
- Even more recently, new paragraph effects have been added to improve list management  : bullets, multi-level and multi-style enumerations. Some powerfull options let you tweak your list-effects to fit your needs.
- Beside lists and enums, this same merge introduces hanging dropcaps.
- Numerous bug fixes and features improvement
The release of Scribus 1.5.0 developpement branch is announced before the end of 2013. The next step will be a stable Scribus 1.6 version.
To follow the commits and keep in touch with Scribus devs, you can
- join an email list
- use the bug and requests tracker
- join the #scribus irc channel on freenode. 
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