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Zan Kavtaskin
Software Engineer / Architect
Software Engineer / Architect

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Cloud Architecture & Engineering, B2B Revolution and B2C Evolution
This year I will be posting series of articles about Cloud architecture, it will be my attempt to make multitenancy, cloud and SaaS less theoretical. Articles that have been / being written: Cloud Architecture & Engineering, B2B Revolution and B2C Evolution...

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Ever wondered how much better is Scrum and Kanban then Waterfall? I've written an article about it: 

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My simulation & 8 wastes article is finally here! Check it out here: 

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Azure App Services Web App Antivirus - Concept
Introduction Good web application antivirus solution needs to meet the following acceptance criteria: Real-time inbound and outbound file scanning Low latency, sub second performance Transparent, no need to make changes to your web app Requires no maintenan...

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Basic SaaS conversion guide, migrate your application to the Azure Cloud
A lot of organisations are currently converting their applications to SaaS. Unfortunately not much is written about “conversion & migration” (that I actually found useful), and I could have done with an article like this few months ago. Objective of this ar...

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Azure Web App Application Initialization
If you have an Azure Web App that needs initializing before it starts receiving traffic
and just calling the web server root "/" is not good enough (default behaviour) then you should be looking into
custom "applicationInitialization". Before you read thi...

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How to correlate IIS, Application and SQL Server Audit logs to achieve full stack audit.
I've posted this article on CodeProject . 

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Applied Domain-Driven Design (DDD) - Event Logging & Sourcing For Auditing
In this article I am going to explore the use of Event Logging and Sourcing as a solution for domain auditing.  This article is not going to explore how to use Event Sourcing to obtain the current model state. What is Event Logging? In my previous article I...

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Creating Custom Key Store Provider for SQL Always Encrypted (Without Key Vault Example)
Recently we had to implement custom key store provider for always encrypted. We wanted it to access our own key store to retrieve the master key and to decrypt the column key.  It was not very clear how this can be achieved. So I've decided to produce a PoC...

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How to use TypeScript with FlotCharts or any other external JavaScript library
I've started using TypeScript recently and I wanted to interact with FlotCharts. I had two questions on my mind: How does non TypeScript library interact with TypeScript app? How do I use FlotCharts now? Has the interface completely changed?  This article w...
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