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Forde Road, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4PU
I have visited this shop many times as they have some interesting products. Each time I have vowed never to go back as the service and general running of the shop is extreemely poor/chaotic. Many items aren't priced, often there do not aear to be any staff to ask, when you do find someone to ask they generally don't know how to find prices or it seems the biggest imposition that you should ask!
Recently I stood at the counter wanting to buy a jigsaw puzzle, two members of staff were near by chatting and clearly saw me waiting to pay, completely ignored me and carried on chatting for ten minutes, suprisingly I left my jigsaw unpurchased.
Only yesterday I returned to buy some wool. When I originally purchased some of this wool it was the last of that colour on the shelf - obviously very popular, I checked with the man at the counter that the sho had more stock of that colour in case I needed more. He very kindly told me they had another 23 balls upstairs. Needless to say that when I returned yesterday there was no more of this popular colour of wool on the shelf and the girl behind the counter - after exlaining to the customer on the phone that she couldn't help her- told me she had absolutely no idea where any more wool would be found upstairs. She explained that she did not usually work there so couldn't help and explained that obviously it is holiday time.
Having staff that know nothing about the shop or produce or simply can't be bothered to serve you during what is likely to be a pretty busy period - i.e a rainy holiday period seems pretty much standard, what to expect at this shop. I find it odd that what is clearly a popular item was not re-stocked to sell more and that items are only priced randomly.
As I say, a real shame as this could be a great shop. I do try to patronise local shops but in this case it is with a sigh of relief that I see a real Hobbycraft is opening up down the road in July!
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