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Anne Stone Sweet
Living Life to the full despite disability
Living Life to the full despite disability

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Help! My Home is Being Taken Over By Slime.
I went to bed last night and there was a dollop of slime on my bed sheet. I had to strip the bed before I could get in and go to sleep. There were traces of slime up the stairs too, and on the landing, and no doubt if I went into my daughter's bedroom the c...

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My Sunday Photo - 23rd July 2017
Living in  big city I don't get the opportunity to photograph rolling countryside photos very often, but it's amazing how much we take for granted. Did you know, for instance that Birmingham has around six million trees,  571 parks and 250 miles of brooks a...

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School's Out For Summer!
photo by Jerry Keisewetter/ Unsplash  School Boo and the Little Man break up from school today and Star breaks up on Friday. Then we have an extended eight week summer holiday! The two schools that my children go to are merging so eventually they will all b...

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Strange, Unusual, Gross and Cool Animals - Book Review
Do your kids love animals? This book is sure to please, My kids love it and are always flicking through and saying 'oh look at this!' Hardcover: 128 pages Age Range: 8 - 11 years Publisher: Liberty Street (7 July 2017) Language: English ISBN-10: 1618931660 ...

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New Clothes!
I had to change my style last year when I got ill. I've not worn my jeans since because they feel so rough and uncomfortable. My skin is not sensitive but my nerves under my skin make me feel things differently, it's so hard to explain. Anyway, it was out w...

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My Sunday Photo - 16th July 2017
Stage Fright It happens to the best of us. I can remember getting stage fright at my school concert when I was around ten years old. Then my eldest daughter had stage fright in her nursery performance. Star has always been pretty good with school plays and ...

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No No! My Hairless Review
Since becoming ill I have had a real problem with hair removal. My condition is neuropathic and it's difficult to explain but what I feel on my skin has more to do with my nerves than my actual skin tissue. Shaving feels like I'm ripping off my skin, simila...

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Word of the Week - Busy
Now, before I start I realise that my idea of a busy week may not be yours. Most weeks I spend ninety percent of my time stuck indoors with little more than housework, reading and crochet to do. But this week has been very busy for my and to be honest, I've...

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Church Tavern - A Sizzler Pub Restaurant Review
On Saturday we celebrated being free of Chicken Pox by having a family meal out at The Church Tavern in Perry Barr Birmingham. The Church Tavern has been recently refurbished and is now a Sizzling Restaurant. It has a whole new look and a brand new menu. Th...

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Capturing the Summer Holidays
I love capturing all my special memories with photo graphs. I remember many years ago when someone would  ask the question, "if there was a fire in your house what would you save?" Of course this is after you've saved all the living things in your home as f...
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