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Thanks for the list :)
Aren't they all going to be wiped by Google at the end of the week to await arrival of the official business pages?
It would really be better if they waited until Google+ enables brand profiles
This is awesome! I've been looking for more news sources for my news circle.
Thanks for the list. Please keep updating it.
Thanks for sharing the list in a pleasant way. :D
Has anyone seen the NYT around these parts?
It's a good start, didn't know about any of these, thanks all...
+Stuart Witts I wouldn't worry yet.. we have been advised otherwise, but let's wait and see what happens!
Now, to me Google + needs to clarify what they are not allowing to get a profile. News media would be fine. What is not fine, to see brands like KFC or Ford trying to get inside.
Thanks for sharing. News orgs seem to be the main brands on Google + will they like on Twitter not reciprocate by adding people to there circles? 
yes thank you! I'm tellilng all my friends about google+
Al Jazeera is the only one I trust
Very nice, waiting for CNN, iReport, AP Associated Press), and more
These will all go away, including you. It's a violation of the Google+ Profile TOS.
Google won't pull news accounts, even if they were asked to wait.
+Damien Basile I saw. After I commented, sorry. +Breaking News hope you edit some of these suggestions into the top of this post. That'll help others not resuggest them, if they seem them right off.
Anybody got any UK news profiles??
Just updated the post! Keep 'em coming...
UK News? BBC? I cant find them but it would be useful
+Breaking News Does this mean the news accounts are the 1st business accounts here on Google+? Or are they letting you all on as "individual" accounts. Just wondering as they have a form for businesses to apply as a beta add on here...
Wondering when Gawker will finally get their butt in gear an set up a few accounts for Gawker, Jezebel, LifeHacker, Gizmodo.
Great list. Thank you for sharing and adding another nail in Twitter's coffin... from my point of view, of course :)
Hmm, now it's giving us an error as we try to update the post with more. Is there a maximum number of + references allowed in a post?
Thats the kind of news that are not shoking, no desaster and not really amazing but really helpful - - thank you keep posting things like that!!!
Thats news service too!!
I WANT ALL OF THOSE.. in my NEWS circle lol
I don't see News of The World. Did something happen?
Okay, so it would be useful for Plus to add something like Twitter's lists. Rather than create my own new circle, adding each of these one at a time, I'd like to be able to simply copy your shared news circle.
Brilliant. G+ is fast becoming a one-stop shop for just about everything.
Interesting that most of the commentary here is people either saying thanks or wanting to be added to the list and very little conversation about the reasons why Google has said they'd kick out organizations or what their plans are for adding them later.
Keep getting an error message trying to update that post -- I think there are too many +references in it, but please keep posting new ones in comments. Great list going here!
Agreed. Thank you for the compilation! But why "follow" the weather channel? It's not geographically specific.
Come on, Brit news orgs, get in there! BBC, Sky, Channel 4, come on guys!
Here's another one for you. +MyFOX Tampa Bay They just joined, so they don't have any news yet. But I sent them an e-mail to verify that it's really them, since there's no news yet, and it is.
Would be great to see some UK sites. Maybe they're holding off for something more official?
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