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The hope of the Earth.
The hope of the Earth.

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Hey North Korea, if you keep threatening to nuke us, we'll starve your people to death. Oh, wait. That's WHY you're threatening to nuke us? Well, still...we're going to starve you harder. 

Crazy to think that Rand Paul's filibuster is taking place in 2013, not 2001, when the AUMF was actually passed. 11 years of "Do whatever you want, we're scared".

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Quick, give them millions of $ more in 'aid' in exchange for releasing the hostages. It's not negotiating with terrorists because we call them 'rebels'.

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Now, it's 'official'. We get a new war!!!

I know some of you were worried that all those budget cuts meant we might not be able to overthrow as many governments as we'd grown accustomed to, but we can fund and fight now and figure out how to pay for it 'later'. That's how we're (eventually) going to pay for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. Borrowing for those wars has worked out fantastic and the results speak for themselves, right? Why would this be any different?

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Check My Power, Please

President Obama recently stated that he doesn't believe he has the authority to "do whatever he wants under the guise of counter-terrorism" and that he feels Congress and the Supreme Court should develop "legal checks and balances" on his power. In the meantime, though, he will continue to do whatever he wants...because terrorism.

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1) Get in the cat/cat food business.
2) Send out endless press releases and email newsletters claiming the government is coming for our cats.

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Watching the 'Conservative' pundits fall in love with Obama's immigration reform proposal now that it's coming out of the mouth of Marco Rubio is fascinating. Even more so considering that before it was Obama' was GW Bush's. Apparently, the third time's the charm. That, or the GOP finally learned what demographics are.

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They're going to strip Mayor Nagin of his Tour de France titles for this.
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