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Distributed Network Data
From hardware to data to visualization
From hardware to data to visualization

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In celebration of the #DayAgainstDRM  all +O'Reilly ebooks and videos—including Distributed Network Data which I wrote along with +Kipp Bradford —are 50% off. Use code DRM2014 at checkout

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…including Distributed Network Data.
Today is #worldbookday  and I write books. Get 40% off print, and 50% off ebooks, when ordering from +O'Reilly today using code AUTHD at check-out.

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You can get 50% off my +iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino and +Distributed Network Data  and other Industrial Internet ebooks until January 15th using discount code WKNDUSTR  at checkout.

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Another promotion from +O'Reilly has two of my books, +Basic Sensors in iOS and +Distributed Network Data, discounted. Use code WKCVSEN at checkout to save 50% off the ebook of these and other great computer vision and sensor books.

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Two of my books, +Distributed Network Data and with +iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino, are amongst +Jon Bruner's picks for this week's Getting Started with the Industrial Internet offer from +O'Reilly. Use discount code WKNDUST to get 50% off the ebook.

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My new book, co-authored with +Kipp Bradford, +Distributed Network Data  is now available in its dead tree edition. Use discount code AUTHD at check-out to get 40% off the print, or 50% off the ebook, editions.

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I've just sent a prototype of an +Arduino shield, to accompany +Kipp Bradford and my new book +Distributed Network Data, to #OSHPark for a short fab run to test the design.

/cc +Data Sensing Lab +O'Reilly Strata

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The video of the book of the lab...
A look behind the "data sensing lab" at the +O'Reilly Strata conference

Last fall, my colleagues +Alasdair Allan +Brian Jepson +Julie Steele +Rob Faludi and interested attendees at the Strata Conference put together a network of data sensors in the conference venue in New York City.

This video, featuring +Edd Dumbill and others, explain what they created using open source hardware and 3D printing. Distributed Environmental Data: On the Ground at the Data Sensing Lab

The video description, by +O'Reilly Media, provides more context and looks ahead to what's happening right now, around me.

_"Sensors are the future of distributed data. General-purpose computing is dissipating out into the environment and becoming increasingly invisible and embedded into our lives. We will soon begin to move in a sea of data, our movements tracked and our environments measured and adjusted to our preferences, without need for direct intervention.

At the Strata Conference in Santa Clara this February, we will observe and report on the conference once again, with more sensors, real-time visualization, and some new interactive features for attendees."_

#strataconf   #sensors   #3dprinting   #oshd  

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Just shipped QC of the new book by +Alasdair Allan  and +Kipp Bradford to production! The ebook will be available on Tuesday, 2/26, with print shipping around 3/8.

If you liked what we did at the +Data Sensing Lab at +O'Reilly Strata and want to build and deploy your own environmental sensors, this book will teach you how. This is hardware hacking for data scientists!

Yay playing with +Arduino and +XBee :)

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The book of the lab is here. Just in time for the second +Data Sensing Lab at +O'Reilly Strata in Santa Clara, CA, next week...
The cover for my upcoming book +Distributed Network Data just came through from production. Looking good. Really pleased as this is my first non-iOS book and I'm excited about getting it out there...

You can pre-order at
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