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No matter what is better, we all know that the Windows Phone is a fail. #fail   #ios6   #apple  
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typical apple 'fan-boys' talk.. always ignored...
New J
I'm not an Apple fan, because I love Windows and Android
video call over cellular is been in nokia even before the birth of so called iphone...
Why compare ios6 to windows7.5? why not windows mobile 8?
New J
+David Halprin Windows mobile 8 is heavily based off of Windows 8. It's sad how a computer operating system is so similar to a mobile operating system. Microsoft is going in the wrong direction with its operating systems for phones and computers
Its Windows Phone 8.. Windows Mobile is the old one.. And Windows Phone 8 is not yet released or there is no official announcement about the functionality of the OS.. 

Windows 8 is the desktop operating system.. In my opinion.. The OS relies on touch screen monitors.. And its available tablets...
+New Joe  Do you realize that Mountain Lion is also being iOS-ified? I like the idea that your mobile phone is going to be an extension of your desktop. 
+Chloe Reynolds So does apple... And some stuff's like mouse, siri, air drop, etc were not invented or innovations of apple... they were purchased...
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