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Official Bronies Page on G+. Fellow Bronies, followers of Princess Celestia and all ponies in Equestria. Social ideal to Forget and Forgive with Tolerance and Love for everyone, spreading Friendship everywhere.
Official Bronies Page on G+. Fellow Bronies, followers of Princess Celestia and all ponies in Equestria. Social ideal to Forget and Forgive with Tolerance and Love for everyone, spreading Friendship everywhere.

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This morning at 10 am Eastern/7 am Pacific on the Hub Network -- Season 4! Is everypony ready? What are you looking forward to seeing or hoping to catch in the new season?

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I ran across this post earlier, and I wanted to ask any people here -- did you or anyone you know went to Las Pegasus Unicon last weekend? Check out the post for information, including links to help the people that got conned from the convention. Let's show what Bronies are made of. If you can't donate, at least share this with people that may be able to donate.
Worst Ran Fan Convention Ever? Help Those That Got Conned

Update @ 2:38pm CST: New Auction URL.

Hey, G+ers. If you don't know me, I love reading about and even attending some pop culture conventions. I've attended several Anime Expos and even more San Diego Comic-Con Internationals. I can tell you that my experiences, for the most part, have been positive. They all have its problems and things that could have been better, but they're nowhere near as bad as what I'm about to share with you folks. By the way, I don't want your opinion on the series the con covered. Those comments will be removed.

Over the weekend (I believe it was February 22-24, 2013), there was a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic convention in Las Vegas, Nevada -- Las Pegasus Unicon, to be exact. This was a brand new convention. If you must know, the series has been very popular among young adult males (even some older than that), though females definitely are part of the fandom. Most fans of the series are considered "bronies", and females are usually the "pegasisters" (but some females prefer the former label over the latter). LPU is hardly the first MLP: FIM convention. There have been larger conventions, including BronyCon, EverFree Northwest, and many others, most are smaller in size.

Anyway, from what I've read, the first two days went smoothly. Then Sunday arrived -- things went downhill quicker than the Titanic. There were stories of people getting kicked out of the hotel. There were also accounts of guests not being paid or fully compensated for the travel expenses, and many being unpleasantly surprised by 2-3x higher hotel expenses than anticipated. Some may still be in Vegas right now. I've also read that the organizers of the convention left the scene immediately. Unbelievable.

Want to help? You can find a link to auctions (some may have ended already). and other links to donate to help those that were affected by last weekend's fiasco. If you can't help or choose not to, at least share this post with anyone that may be interested. Any other links I don't know of, please share them with me and give me details on them.

LPU Auctions Link:

For stories of what happened and a statement from LPU, Check out the links below. You might find a bit of language in some of the comments posted, so just a bit of warning.



Google Doc:

Link to LPU and Statement (If statement is pulled, let me know. I have it copied.

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Ready for the Season Three Finale?

Sorry,G+  Bronies. I know it's been a little while. How are you guys doing? Is your body ready for "Magical Mystery Cure?"

Hey, Bronies. Happy 2013. Next Saturday, the third season resumes with "Keep Calm and Flutter On." So, what do you guys think of the third season so far? Is there a specific unaired episode you're looking forward to the most. What's your current favorite of Season Three?

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Magic Duel airing this weekend

It's coming, folks! The return of a certain character will be back this morning at 10:30am EST on The Hub.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic "Magic Duel" (Clip) - The Hub

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the Bronies in the U.S.

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Want to see a lot of Pinkie Pie? Catch Too Many Pinkie Pies later at 10:30am EST/9:30am CST on The Hub!

Image from Equestria Daily.
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So, G+ Bronies, did you catch the two-part Season Three premiere? +1, if you watched. You may also comment to post your thoughts.

Less than 24 hours to go, G+ Bronies. Who's ready for the Season Three premiere?

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