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Jonathan Everitt
Independent copywriter and creative strategist in Rochester, N.Y.
Independent copywriter and creative strategist in Rochester, N.Y.


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New blog post:
One of Rochester's greatest living treasures. Meet Carl Chiarenza.
(And if you're headed out for First Friday tonight, check out the Makers & Mentors show at +Rochester Contemporary Art Center)

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Check out my final blog post of 2013. See you next year!

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My latest post on ORIGINALS | A BLOG
Blog post: A hillbilly poet with a haunting new book. Meet Jacob Rakovan. (And check out the sweet special edition of Poetry & Pie Night this Friday, 12/13)

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Wow. This looks very promising. New world for journalism. Glad to see NYT leading the way.
"A Short History of the Highrise," an interactive documentary, was a collaboration between and the National Film Board of Canada. We interviewed the filmmaker here:

"Earlier, we had partnered with Mozilla Foundation here in Toronto. Mozilla developed a technology called Popcorn that explores how the video box online can become more connected to the Web, and we used that technology in our earlier project, “One Millionth Tower” [an interactive documentary that uses open-source HTML5 and a Web-based Graphics Library to create a sense of 3-D immersion]. For the project with the Times, I wanted a very simple idea: You could just watch the film and do nothing at all--but if you were interested, you could swipe down and find out more. I was inspired how tablets are changing the way we read. I looked at some of the more successful storytelling on tablets, and found some great examples in children’s literature. I was inspired by pop-up storybooks. I was reading this dense and difficult and overwhelming history of humanity and social inequality, of civilizations rising and falling, and I thought this epic story is not unlike some storybooks we have. I thought it might be an interesting juxtaposition, to tell the story of our verticalizing world, using the pop-up storybook as a metaphor."

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" I don’t think any of us today realize the courage and sacrifices it took from the generation before us to get us where we are today. And how amazing it is that we are able to record and celebrate these people’s achievements while most are still alive."

- Kevin Indovino, director of the film "Shoulders to Stand On," making its world premiere in Rochester Saturday 10/12/2013.

Read on!
Cool read: Kevin Indovino, director of a new Rochester documentary on area LGBT history, talks about project, today on the @ImageOut blog:

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Honored to be a guest blogger!

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New blog post: The art and science of poetry. Meet Rochester artist Cori Winrock, who reads Saturday night at The Yards.

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TUNE IN OR CLICK PLAY. In celebration of National Poetry Month, +WXXI has teamed up with BOA Editions, Ltd., for a series of broadcast readings of BOA authors, including the unforgettable Lucille Clifton. Each piece is about a minute long. Give a listen. (pssst: I'm one of the readers, along with BOA publisher +Peter Conners)

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This is one amazing woman. An inspiration. Check out her story.
Blog post: She's currently starring as 16 people in a one-woman GeVa Theatre show. Meet +Reenah Golden, an original if ever there was one:
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