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Patrice Ingram
Publisher, writer, poet
Publisher, writer, poet

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I'm looking for some people that would like to share their story dealing with mental illness. If you are interested please email me at

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Hey writers check this out!


I love you.. I said those words with no regret
To my surprise you said them back
And many more after
With so much time apart
How could two people feel the same
After so many years
I thought it was meant to be
Kismet, actually
Talks of the future
So many plans
It turns out it was just talk
Now I have to move on
I hate I still love you

Hello, I am still looking for people that are willing to share their story of depression, or any mental illness. This book will help others and know that they are not alone.

Please email me:

Hello everyone looking for some people that wouldn't mind telling their story of mental illness to bring awareness. It could be about anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

Tell your story and help others that may feel alone. Please send your stories to:

Thank you all!

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