Some Collection of Information about London Riots:

There is a context to London's riots that can't be ignored
Those condemning the events in north London and elsewhere would do well to take a step back and consider the bigger picture

The policies of the past year may have clarified the division between the entitled and the dispossessed in extreme terms, but the context for social unrest cuts much deeper. The fatal shooting of Mark Duggan last Thursday, where it appears, contrary to initial accounts, that only police bullets were fired, is another tragic event in a longer history of the Metropolitan police's treatment of ordinary Londoners, especially those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and the singling out of specific areas and individuals for monitoring, stop and search and daily harassment.

One journalist wrote that he was surprised how many people in Tottenham knew of and were critical of the IPCC, but there should be nothing surprising about this. When you look at the figures for deaths in police custody (at least 333 since 1998 and not a single conviction of any police officer for any of them), then the IPCC and the courts are seen by many, quite reasonably, to be protecting the police rather than the people.


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Google Map showing where Riots happened


Twitter List for live infos (under construction if you know interesting activist / media accounts tell me)!/porrporr/london-riots


Police guy on BBC Live said that there is 1.400 cops in the streets of London (+ something like 600 available) How could that be in a city of that size. And 2 days of pretty heavy riots and looting ? In vienna they send the same amount for a totally boring demonstration compared to London ?

And than not even someone from the Government manages to show up on TV ?

"RT @porrporr: RT @BBCNewsnight: No one from the government was available to appear on #newsnight tonight to talk about the #Londonriots"
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