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5 years!
Yesterday marked the 5th blogaversary for my blog.  I can't believe it's been 5 years!  Equally as hard to believe is that L and I will celebrate our 5 year Handfasting anniversary this May, our 4 year wedding anniversary this June, our 3 year legal wedding...

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Sane and safe or not really?
On July 4th, we had some friends over.  We set up our blow up pool out back, made some good food, had a glass of wine, it was a great time.  L loves fireworks.  They are one of her favorite experiences in all the world.  Every year, we have purchased a $5...

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A day in the life...
...of me. Whew! Am I sitting down with exactly 12 minutes before I have to leave to pick up my youngest daughter from school and trying to write a blog post? Why, yes! Yes, I am! I'm adventurous. Or over ambitious. How are you? Me? I'm okay. I want to even ...

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We've hit an anniversary!
Our anniversary is today. Three years ago, on June 8, L and I were married. Our wedding was over the moon amazing. We've been reminiscing all day, looking at photos, watching our raw footage from the videos that were taken. We haven't quite gotten the final...

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June is Pride and Love
  June is Pride month and although there are Pride Festivals at different times of the year, this is THE month. It also happens to be our wedding anniversary month! One of them, anyway. We got married three times. :) Our wedding wasn't just about the two of...

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Our very own Disney Bucket List
We are the experts at lists. Don't even get me started on how many times we make lists and for all the varied reasons. The one list we don't have? A Disney Bucket List! Not an official one at least. We don't even have a life bucket list. Let me rephrase. I ...

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Well, there you are...
It's been so long, my hands have sat on my keyboard for an hour, unsure of what to do. I leave here, come back, just to leave again. But then, to come back again. What's happened? What's happening? I miss writing. It's funny, sometimes, I want to start plan...

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60 Years Young
My mom had her
60 th birthday on 11-11. Talk about milestones. What did we do? How’d
we celebrate? We went to Disneyland! It didn’t take us long to figure that out.
As you can tell from previous posts, we have experienced and celebrated
monumental events th...

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Married Life = Busy Life
So here we are … November. Can I even say it’s ironic that I haven’t been writing like I
promised myself I would? You’d think that it wouldn’t prove that difficult to
take just a little bit of time to dedicate to blogging. I have so much I want
to write abo...
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