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A Frugal Farewell
Although our country is not fighting
a world war and none of us are begging on the streets of a poverty-stricken and
diseased Dickensian London, being a student can sometimes be tough! There is
little money to spare once expenses like tuition fees, rent and...

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Make Tea Not War
Anyone ever walked into a house after
a long day and not heard “shall I put the kettle on?” ….no? Me neither. And
clearly the Monty Python boys agree. Whether we are in Dickens’ bleak Britain
or the more recent war-torn time, a cup of tea always seems like ...

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Drinking With Dickens
If student loan isn’t being spent on
fresh food then what is it being spent on? Alcohol might be one intelligent
suggestion, a suggestion that Dickens wasn’t opposed to either. Alcohol is prevalent
in various forms throughout Dickens’ novels, from his chara...

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Really Useful Ultimate Meals for Under £5
In an
attempt to relinquish the student from their reputation for fast and frozen
food I thought I’d have a go at making a meal that both costs less than a
McDonalds meal and includes fresh and healthy produce. With a strong
combination of the Really Useful...

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Epic Meal Time
On the topic
of bulk buying, nothing screams excess more than the food at the Epic Meal Time
HQ. Starting out
as a group of students who love eating, the men have created their own brand by
piling together all their favourite ...

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Well Fed Soldiers Will Win The War!
the spirit of Mr Bumble’s Workhouse frugality, throughout both World War 1 and
2, Britain was forced to make even the leanest of leftovers last and be clever
with their culinary creations. Patriotism stretched to the kitchens as government

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Food Glorious Food
through Dickens’ most famous work, it suddenly dawned on me that his
representation of food is not unlike the tempestuous relationship between the
student and their budget meal. Unlike the typical 20 year old however, Dickens'
possesses the ability...

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Student Living
through classic literature of the last few centuries, it seems Britain and its
authors have a volatile relationship with food. Whether one is looking at
Nineteenth century Dickens or Twentieth Century wartime literature, it seems
that British writi...
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