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Ranting, aging coder
Ranting, aging coder

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The "Deutsche Bahn" understand. ("Nicht einsteigen" => 'Don't enter"

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Wow! Garry Kasparov is going to rejoin the arena. At least, he's announced as a participant for the 2017 Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament as part of a stellar list, which includes Karjakin, Anand, Aronian, and Caruana. I am quite certain, he is still playing spectacular. At the very least, he's much better at playing chess than at doing politics. Here's hoping for some more years of watching him on the board.

Moderne Mädchen haben gelernt, dass der inflationär Gebrauch des Wortes süüüüß peinlich sein kann, insbesondere, wenn es mit einem entsprechenden Tonfall kombiniert wird. Zur Vermeidung haben sie eine einfache und den eigenen Bedürfnissen gerecht werdende Strategie: Sie verwenden das Wort cuuuuute - und demselben Tonfall.

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The time is approaching one year, when ZFS was included as a binary module into Ubuntu (Xenial, aka 16.04) and as a DKMS buildable module into Debian.

Since then, I have heard nothing about ZFS on either of these platforms. So, I wonder: What's the status? Are people actually using it? And, if so: What are the experiences.

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Just noticed, that Tim Cross has passed away, in 2012 (!), after suffering from lung cancer.

Tim was one of those talented, versatile, and undemanding musicians, of which Great Britain has a never ending supply, mostly known for participating in the early eighties in Mike Oldfields albums and live tours. I came to notice him in the wonderful "Live in Montreux" DVD, where he's playing the keyboards.

For reasons, that escape me, he doesn't even have an entry in the english Wikipedia. However, you find him in the german Wikipedia: A well deserved entry!

Peter Capaldi has announced to quit "Doctor Who" at the end of the year, opening a lot of speculation about "Who's going to be next?"

The rumours include such extreme ideas as "Matt Smith is going to come back." Now, much as I liked Matt as #11, the rule still applies: You can dream of old times, but there's no pulling back. So, I definitely hope, that the BBC will have better ideas.

One of the ideas, that I clearly like, would be Richard Ayoade (Moss from "IT Crowd"), who could easily bring in a certain degree of bizarreness, combined with a twinkle, which is what I like most about the show. ("What in the name of sanity is that?" "Fezzes are cool!") I've also read Hugh Laurie (Absolutely thrilling idea, but most likely not available for that amount of money.), or Chris O'Dowd (Less enthusiastic about him, because I like my doctor to be a bit of an intellectual.)

Doctorever, no Whoever's going to be: I think it's a great opportunity for Chris Chibnall, the new head writer, who's going to replace the phantastic Stephen Moffat at the same time. Starting afresh, with a new doctor (though, most likely, keeping the former companion, which we haven't really seen so far), will give him the ability to put his own brand on the show. Here's looking at you, Chris!

Building a wall... Attempts to control the media and the citizens... Ignoring unpleasant facts...

To a German, that sounds familiar. There used to be a german government giving the same picture. That government is history for a reason!

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