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I wish someone had warned me that I had to be clever to use this.
I wish someone had warned me that I had to be clever to use this.

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I think I've finally settled in on G+ and while they're avoiding the whole social network label, it's definitely the superior product in that market. I think the Facebook hangers-on are a little foolish in thinking that either A.) This won't take off or B.) That it doesn't provide some very useful tools in the constantly-evolving social networking world.

It may be a little trickier to figure out how to have private conversations using the sharing option, or how to fully utilize the circles function...but maybe that's a good thing? Nothing wrong with a little technological elitism. Nobody wants to see G+ become obsessed with the user-friendly aspect and drive the site towards a less-noisy Facebook.

Facebookers who don't understand it can keep themselves entertained with their feed of waitresses complaining about their jobs and photos from a beach vacation of a guy who was in your Physics class in high school. In the meantime, I'll stick with the categorical nature of G+ and the more "real-life" social interactions that it brings.

Some improvements I'd love to see:
1. More sports media folks jumping on the bandwagon and using this like Twitter (I'm looking at you +Jamey Newberg)

2. Topic integration into posts...A little more user-friendly than Twitter where it's separate from the post and not just hashtags. +Jonathan Davis has some great ideas regarding the ability to hide certain topics to prevent spoilers for big TV shows and sporting events. The topics can be integrated with the Sparks function to where you can automatically do a web news search on what someone is talking about.

3. When businesses start flooding G+, it'd be great if there were a differentiation between them and user profiles in the stream aspect, to keep local businesses and venues from flooding your stream (this is probably something that users with G+ efficacy can do on their own by putting them in a circle for companies). The above topics function could be integrated where they could use Topics like "Dallas Local Offers", etc to allow for bargain seekers to find them without following that specific page.

That's all for now.

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If you've got a little extra cash in the bank, this would be a good donation to make.

You know, I've always said the main problem with Facebook is the fact that there are actually people on it.
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