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Video script: STEVE This tutorial video provides an introduction STEVE, the microscopic imaging management desktop application. STEVE controls the 3D Cell Explorer tomographic microscope and allows viewing, organizing, analyzing, and sharing your images. Wi...

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You got .a degree in STEM and now what? - An overview of STEM career pathways
A degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) can offer a gateway to many great careers. The poster below outlines possible career pathways for STEM graduates:  Download the poster as a high-resolution  PDF here.   Source: http://find...

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REALTO - the learning platform for vocational education that integrates school and workplace experiences
REALTO is a web- and mobile based platform that allows users to capture, annotate, and share experiences made at the workplace and at school. The goal is to integrate different forms of experiences through reflection.

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Google releases digital notebook app for STEM education called 'Science Journal'
Google 'Science Journal' app In collaboration with the Exploratorium, Google produced a free Android app, called Science Journal , aimed at helping young students record and analyze scientific experiment results. With this app, students can record data from...

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Supercomputer Watson suggests new recipes for adventurous cooks
Do you want to discover new recipes? You can now ask Watson, IBM's supercomputer, to suggest an entirely new recipe for you that combines ingredients you might never have thought of putting together. "Chef Watson" is an experiment to test if Watson could cr...

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Dr Who sonic screw driver collection. Very sonic!

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This chemistry kit combines hands on experiments with virtual ones (through Google cardboard). See more about the MEL science kit here .

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On the scientific accuracy of 'The Martian'

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A short history of Santa Claus - from saint to secular
Santa Claus is a complex social-cultural phenomenon that developed over centuries. Historically , Santa Claus is based on Bishop Nicholas of Myra who lived from 280-343 a.D. in Greece. He was made a Saint in 900 a.D. His Saints Day is December 6, which is t...
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