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Manchester Arena, London Bridge, Finsbury Park, Grenfell Tower. This hasn't exactly been a summer of love so far :(

I invented the "flat white mocha" today. It's all right...

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Brexit be damned! We have arrived! And looking for awesome people to join us! Get in touch if you are awesome.

Binging on Better Call Saul series 3. How I've missed Jimmy's antics and great to see a certain someone back on the scene.

I'm just gonna come out and say it: I really don't get the Channel 4 indents with the crystals and the monkeys and the bugs and whatnot.

Hung parliament? Oh how I will laugh my ass off if that turns out to be true.

Happy voting today everyone. Once again I find myself on the sideline where I can do nothing but watch and feel the same sense of frustration that I did last year of not being able to vote on something so monumental as #brexit. Amazing how much you take that right to vote for granted and how much you miss it when you don't have it (being one of those "bloody EU migrant workers!").

So happy voting today everyone! I don't care how you vote, just that you do. It is your right, it is your privilege, it is your duty!

Really sad to hear Zack Snyder stepping down from #JusticeLeague and under such tragic circumstances too.

Quite enjoyed Alien: Covenant, more than I thought I would. Replays all the old hits but ties in well with Prometheus.

Found a set of house keys during lunch break...with an address label on them! Made it a lot easier to return them #gooddeed.
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