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Looks like we might have a new GM sooner rather than later!

Personally, I'd be a fan.  The only candidate I wanted more than Gamble was Dorsey, and only b/c I wanted a little bit of the GB approach.  I think Gamble would be an excellent fit though.

How about you all?

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I'm sure this has been around for ages, but I just saw it for the first time.  It's my new favorite:

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How fun are these? :)

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Great article that we should all take to heart...

What happened to grace? To "it's just a game"? To "thanks for a great season"? Fans are lashing out at their team with the kind of vitriol reserved for Court TV villains.

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Interestingly, I was just discussing the question of whether the Tea Party and the OWS movement could get along. A couple of quotes from the article to whet your appetite:

“The Tea Party and Occupy movements disagree on many, many issues,” Occupy Richmond’s Thursday statement said. “This should not stop all Americans from proudly standing together against government abuses.”

Richmond Tea Party spokeswoman Colleen Owens said on Friday that the group “never really had any kind of beef with the Occupy people.”

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Too amazing not to share! :D
Oh reddit.... you slay me.

Where Angry Birds came from.... the big bird + bert is fairly damming I must say. :-p

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One of these days (and likely soon!) we're going to look at the combination of a peaking resource + wind as a replacement for traditional intermediate power sources.

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An amazing piece from a professor at Cal-Berkley on why she chose to participate in the OccupyCal movement and what she learned (and what we all need to be thinking about) in the aftermath of her arrest.
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