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Collecting Memories
I recently saw a saying on my intern's desk that made me smile. 
As I reflected on the simple words, it struck a chord in my heart. I think this is something I've been striving for - I just
hadn't formulated the complete thought in my head.   The phrase w...

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Simply put, this was our year...
Exactly 1 year ago today, I was boarding a plane to see my dad in the hospital after cancer decided to attack his kidney.                 ....And that was just the START of 2015 for Brian and I.    It felt like 2015 moved at the pace of a tortoise.  The hop...

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Cabin in the Rockies
Brian and I just got back from one of the most relaxing
vacations I think we've ever had.  We got a cabin nestled in the Rocky
Mountains with a fire place as our television.  It was one of those trips
where there wasn't pressure to get out and go see thi...

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  When I was in high school, there was a boy in
my class who consistently told his little sister she was fat. And trust
me, this gal was the furthest thing from fat!  She hardly had an once of fat on her.  Yet over time, she began
to believed what she wa...

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Dream Come True
This past weekend, Brian and I drove out to Rapid City, SD and
started a new "adventure".  We bought a pick-up camper!!!!  We did some
touring through the Black Hills and Custer State Park.  Then settled in
for the night at by the Pactola Reservoir and s...

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March 26, 2012 - it was a bitter sweet day in the Franken
household. It is the day my grandpa went to meet Jesus.  Today marks 3
years.   I've been thinking about him a lot lately and
remembering the legacy he built-up and left behind.  I can honestly sa...

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New Beginnings
to even begin.  The past few weeks have been like NO other in the Oordt
household.  After 20 years of serving this community, a big chunk
Oordt's Landscape Management went up for sale.  Last Monday, Brian and I
sold the maintenance division of OLM....

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It Is Well
last 2 weeks have been kinda crazy in the Oordt house.  We have some
big changes around the corner. I feel as though my emotions have been
on a constant roller coaster. One moment the anticipation is building
and it's really exciting and the next I'...

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the season.  Love is in the air, romance is being commercialized and
Valentine's is only days away.  In honor of this season, my digital
verse of the day has been covering 1 Corinthians 13 all week. Today it
was verses 4-5. Love is patient and kind...

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Something Old
It seem like every winter I get inspired to start writing again.  I
think part of it is, I have a lot more down time so I'm looking for
something to do.  Summer kicks in and I put all my energy into the
craziness that proceeds.  It's a schedule I've grow...
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