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Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Ratings & Recommendations
Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Ratings & Recommendations

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I have 79 (!) series in my To Be Read list. I'm considering focusing on the less-known authors and the indies for awhile. Would that be useful to you? Or is it better to read and rate as many of the well-known authors and series before I wander off into the wilds?

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Just finished: My Fair Captain and The Englor Affair in the Sci-Regency series by J.L. Langley. 4.5 stars

Although these aren't technically paranormal romance, they are excellent sci-fi gay romance with a strong Regency flair. Highly recommended, especially if you enjoyed the With or Without series by the same author.

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Penguin the book publisher has restored the ability for library patrons to borrow older digital books in Kindle format. Newer Penguin books will still be unavailable in all formats until they have dealt with 'new security concerns'.

Based on a quote in the linked article, it sounds like the problem might have stemmed from the fact that borrowing Kindle books through the OverDrive service bounced the library patrons through the Amazon website, in violation of Penguin's contract with OverDrive.

It will be interesting to see how this settles out.

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Penguin, one of the big six book publishers has suspended library lending of new titles in digital format and all library lending period for any of its titles in the Kindle format.

It apparently did this without notice to libraries. A quote from the linked article: "Neither Penguin nor OverDrive made any sort of announcement to library staff regarding this issue. I came in to work this morning (Monday) to find my digital books email account filled with emails from irate patrons. Rightly so! "

Penguin is citing 'new concerns about the security of our digital editions' - although no one has any idea what they might mean by that.
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