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We are joining Google. See our announcement at for the update and future plan of LeapDroid.
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Why not make Leapdroid open source then so others may continue with this awesome project.
Because they're joining the corporate america problem. Every good decent human being that makes something for themselves ALWAYS gets bought out by corporate greed. Google probably said "We cannot have you making this emulator, so either come work for us or face a lawsuit" ... This is absolute bullcrap, yet another good product off the market because the creators have no spines. Honest intelligent people would have said "Sorry we are discontinuing this, but here's the download links and here's the source, if anyone wants to continue the work for us since we're giving up on our morals"

Infelizmente vocês também se venderam... O que era tão bom acabou tão rápido.
Estavam revolucionando a maneira de usar o android, agora são mais alguns na grande equipe do google...
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