WhiteHouse.Gov Petition on Green and Sustainable Energy.
Energy Independence and Energy Safety are issues critically important to everyone -- especially to us Google Plussers, and folks at one of the most forward looking companies in America, +Flibe Energy Incorporated.

We have a plan for Energy Independence. Its important -- and impressive -- enough that +Kirk Sorensen was invited by Google to give a presentation about it to an audience at Google headquarters. Watch the presentation here: Energy From Thorium: A Nuclear Waste Burning Liquid Salt Thorium Reactor

Notice the 54,000 views on a 1.3 hour youtube video. This isn't science fiction, this is a dormant technology that needs to be revisited.

Thorium is a dramatic rethink of Nuclear. Thorium LFTR technology allows us to take a previously prototyped reactor, and utilize 60 years of commercial experience (safety and waste issues) and engineer passive safety into the reactor. This means no more meltdowns. This means passive cooling when the power goes out. This means no water moderation or super high pressures that eject nuclear material into the atmosphere. Imagine it: Safe Nuclear Power.

Our plan is getting noticed. But we need to do more.

President Obama has invited Americans to petition him on issues of importance. He has a web site set up for us to do that. We are taking him up on his offer. Obama says he will address our petition if we recieve 25,000 signatures before November 5th. That is a tall order, but only you can help us reach that goal. Add your signature today, and please share this with *friends, politicians, and people of influence. *

Notice this is a whitehouse.gov site. It is time to make our voices heard on many subjects.

We plan to build on the research and development work for this technology done by Oak Ridge National Labs. We plan to use this technology to provide safe, cheap, and abundant power to America. We plan that someday, we can all celebrate America's Energy Independence Day. Thorium represents 1000s of years of safe power generation, that is Carbon Neutral, and the benefits are many. Thorium nuclear waste stream can be up to 1000 times less and last 1/33th of the duration compared to conventional Uranium reactors. Byproducts of Thorium Reactors are proliferation resistant, and produce space exploration materials and cancer fighting medical isotopes (Bi-213).

I intend not to stop alternative fuels, but Thorium can sit as the baseload of power generation for the entire world's future needs, and other technologies can supplement. The 2nd and 3rd world will begin using energy on a western scale, and there is no chance that conservation will bridge that gap. Thorium can handle all that need and more, until a perfect alternative comes, but that alternative is not currently in sight. Thorium is 100s of times more abundant than fissionable u235 uranium.

Read the details of our proposal and add your voice to the growing number of people calling for this path to energy independence. Feel free to contact me directly with questions, comments, and concerns. email: dan@danielelyrankin.com

Look forward to other causes from me in the future. It is time we put America back on track. I plan to do my part, will you do yours? Visit the www.whitehouse.gov/wethepeople site and find issues that matter to you, and listen out for the next petition I and other gplusers like me post. Together, we can achieve anything. Gplusers, 40million+ strong. What can't we do?

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Many thanks to +Hadrian Micciche for the initial outline of this post.

http://bit.ly/qnK6Ol +Kiki Sanford link to the science hour where +Kirk Sorensen is featured.
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