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Ken Kaminesky
Lifestyle and Travel Photographer. Join me in my quest to take over the world, one photo at a time!
Lifestyle and Travel Photographer. Join me in my quest to take over the world, one photo at a time!

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Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love to add relevant quotes to the articles I post. So, I thought it was high time that I do a post that is all about photography quotes… Here it is!
50 Awesome Inspirational Photography Quotes

Oh and since it’s all about quotes today, here’s one to go along with the photo I’m sharing today ;-)

“We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true.” ― Robert Wilensky

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If you travel a lot and heck, even if you don’t, you can have your personal information stolen from your computer, tablet, and phone by hackers looking to do no good. Unsecured WiFi hot spots are some of the worst culprits but your home connection isn’t necessarily any safer.

On today’s blog post I’m sharing an in-depth review of the best VPN services on the market and how they can protect you and your family from cyber attacks. Once it happens, it is too late.

Hope you enjoy the review. Stay safe online! :-)

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Over the last few weeks, I have been beta testing the newest version of Photo RAW from On1 software and I’m happy to share my in depth review with you today. This is good timing since today is the day that the release version 2017.5 with a ton of new features.

In the review, I go depth with what you can do with this powerful software but even with all the effort, I put into the review, the best way to get a good idea of what Photo RAW can do for you is try it for free. You like free, right? Yeah, me too :-)

You can also get 20% off any purchase from On1 with the coupon code: KENK20

In the review I also share links to how to manage your preferences and to a set of very helpful video tutorials on all the new features of Photo RAW 2017.5.

Now for those of you who are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop users like me, have no fear! Photo RAW works as a plugin within those programs and you can get the best of both worlds this way. Considering that this week Google just announced that they will no longer support the NIK software suite, this is a good time to start looking for alternatives. Of course, both these image editing software suites are not identical but there is some overlap and On1 does offer more versatility.

Hope you enjoy the review!

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We've had an overwhelming response to our initial offering on our exclusive +Discovery Photo Tours VIP scouting trip to Tanzania and decided to add two more scouting tours and additional pro photographer leaders.

Details on how to apply for a spot:

I'm happy to announce that my friends +Patrick Di Fruscia and +Michael Bonocore will be joining Brian Fabiano and me in Africa this September as leaders on the additional tours!

I haven't looked this forward to a trip in a very long time. Imagine being in Africa during the great migration and photographing the incredible variety of wildlife. Lions, Elephants, Rhinos, Giraffes, Leopards, Hyenas, Gazelles, Zebras, and so much more!

Join me in Tanzania this September and check off another amazing life experience from your bucket list!

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Chillin on the beach in Vik, Iceland on my awesome  - +Fujifilm  adventure with Ori Guttin and Erik Bjornard from +ViewBug 

We had a crazy start to the trip yesterday as we faced gale force winds, sideways rain, sea spray that turned into snow, killer waves, zero visibility, and were sandblasted by black volcanic sand on the beach here in Vik. All in all, just another day in Iceland. ;-)

We were partially rained out today but looking forward to tomorrow's ice cave visit and our photo walk in Reykjvik on March 15.

Photo Walk details:

Thanks to my good friend Dream Photo Tour leader +Patrick Di Fruscia for taking this fun shot!

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I'm so thrilled to be headed to Iceland for the sixth time and stoked to be partnering with my friends at +Fujifilm North America  and +ViewBug - Photo Contests  on this exciting expedition and fun photo walk.

Looking very forward to meeting some new friends in one of my favourite places on Earth!

#FujifilmX_US #Iceland   #photocontest  

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This was just one of the special moments on last year's Jordan photo tour. We always go to a beautiful eco-lodge in the middle of the Dana Nature Reserve and have a chance to connect with the local Bedouin people and the stunning natural environment.

On this day, the group was blessed with a stunning sky at sunset and while the moment only lasted a few minutes, we were able to capture some wonderful memories.

That's what I love about photography, it's a mix of art, timing, planning, luck, talent, and hard work that all lead up to magical moments like this.

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One of the best things about being a Fujifilm Global Ambassador is that I get a chance to work with some of the best new camera technology that is being developed today. The X-Pro2 that was just announced last week was accompanied by several other major announcements like this new 100mm-400mm that we've all been waiting for for some time. It's finally here and just in time!

I'm heading to Namibia next month and this bad boy should serve me quite nicely when it comes to photographing animals and some very unique nature and landscape scenes. The lens is a 35mm equivalent of a 152-609mm, has 5-stop image stabilization and is very well suited for handholding and tripod use. This lens is probably the most weather sealed lens in the Fujifilm Cameras lineup and when paired with the optional XF1.4X TC WR teleconverter, the lens turns into a 35mm-equivalent 213-853mm... WOW

What a great way to start 2016. I can't wait to see what Fujifilm has in store for us the rest of this year. 
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One of my favourite things to do is to revisit special places and see them in a new way. This March, I'll be heading back to Iceland with +Patrick Di Fruscia  to run an epic Winter Iceland Photo Tour for Dream Photo Tours.

Time to rediscover the beauty of Iceland during their winter wonderland season where we'll get to experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis, explore beautiful ice caves, discover frozen waterfalls, and photograph all kinds of stunning landscapes dusted with snow.

We are closing registration soon for this tour and we'd love to have you join us. :-)

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After spending the last couple of weeks in the sub-tropical weather of Cambodia, it was a bit of a shock to be greeted by the cold December weather of home here in Canada.

The cold weather reminded me of the fact that I'll be heading to one of the coolest places on Earth this winter… Iceland!

This will be an exciting time for me and everyone joining us for the Winter Iceland Dream Photo Tour. While Iceland is spectacular at any time of year, the winter season offers the opportunities to explore and photograph many of the iconic Iceland locations blanketed in snow and covered in ice. We also photograph ice caves and have ample opportunities to capture the aurora borealis during one of the best times of year to do so.

I never fail to be mesmerized by the unique and diverse landscapes in Iceland. If you have not been yet, all I can say is… What are you waiting for? :-)

Tour Length: 11 Days - March 1st – 11th, 2016

Photo: Hvita River

Shot with my Zeiss Distagon T* 15mm f/2.8 and Formatt-Hitech IRND 3 stop ND filter
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