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Matthew Izatt
Father, Runner, Googler, Wanderer
Father, Runner, Googler, Wanderer

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Unified Inbox (for any and all of your email accounts) comes to the Android Gmail app... and more goodies.

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The Inbox by Gmail team - getting to work.

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Thanks to the incredible team that helped build a beautiful update to Android Gmail, which is rolling out starting today. I may be biased, but it's awesome.

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Inbox by Gmail - an inbox that works for you

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Gmail looking good on Lollipop

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This was an awesome event
Today we're hosting #GeekSt  in Toronto's Distillery District! Through the day we'll welcome 2000 campers to celebrate the best of STEM education and technology. 

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A nice integration with Google Drive,  RTL support (something I care about) and more rolling out in Android Gmail.
New in Gmail on Android

Today's update to Gmail on Android brings a number of new features, from Save to Drive to right-to-left language support for those of you using the app in Arabic, Hebrew or Persian.

Save to Google Drive
Instead of downloading attachments to your device which takes up valuable space, you can now save attachments directly to Google Drive. Files saved to Drive are easily accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Spam explanations
Have you ever wondered why a message ended up in spam? You'll now find an explanation at the top of every spam message.

Improved RTL support
If you’re an English speaker, you’re used to reading sentences from left-to-right. But there are a lot of languages out there that are written from right-to-left (RTL), such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. If you’re a speaker of one of these languages, Gmail on Android now looks and feels the way you'd expect with profile pictures and the navigation menu on the right instead of the left. 

Faster access to the side navigation menu
It’s easier to get wherever you need to go in the app. While reading messages, you can now swipe from the left edge (or right edge for RTL languages) to quickly access your accounts and labels. You’ll also find Settings, Help, and Feedback in the side menu.

These features will be rolling out over the next few days. If you aren’t already using Gmail on Android, download the latest version from the Play store ( 
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Using Gmail on an iPad is a beautiful thing (I love the landscape view). Thanks +Carmen Klett Wilkinson and team!
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