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Chris Coolidge
This makes about as much sense as a vampire biting someone, and having them turn into a nun...
This makes about as much sense as a vampire biting someone, and having them turn into a nun...

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I have a friend who really wants to go play some football(soccer) with the Bayern Muenchen football team in Munich. Top 5 voters get to go train with them for a bit. The voting is taking place on Facebook. Vote, and re-post this if you are feeling charitable! 

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I'm game.
Let's Play the Ripple Game

Google just introduced a very cool feature called Ripples.

Share this Post to let it fly around the world! Let's Get Viral!

- Pick any of your Google Public Posts.
- Click on the Dot on the upper right corner.
- Select View Ripples

The ripple diagram shows the post spreading as users share it on Google+. Arrows indicate the direction of the resharing. (Only recent public posts show up). Circles within circles represent a resharing sequence, so large circles indicate heavy resharing.

So now Reshare this post. Let see how far it goes!

I'll post the diagram tomorrow to see where did we end.

To get things more interesting i'll give a nice and mysterious present to the user who will get the bigger circle!


ps. Yes i know is lame! But it's really fun!

pps. +Victor Bezrukov teached me about ripples, will you beat him?

The Ripple One Hour Later

The Ripple after Three Hours

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This is defiantly worth a read in my opinion.

I suddenly feel so much more important after going from 6 people in my circles to 150+! >.>

And on another note, a tree crept me out. Surprises about today!
(Ninja Edit)

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That's shiny!
Ok, I've got one extra Amazon Kindle FIRE left, and its too late to return it. So I'm giving it away!

How to win the brand new, unopened Amazon Kindle FIRE in only two steps:
Step 1) Do you have me in one of your circles? Great. Check that one off the list...
Step 2) Publicly SHARE this post.

That's it! You're entered to win, and I'll ship it to you ANYWHERE.

Wait, you want more chances to win? Ok, I'll tell you what:
- One extra entry if you leave a comment telling me WHY you want it.
- One extra entry if you Subscribe to our Livid Lobster newsletter!

You'll find the newsletter subscription form here:

I'll announce the winner on Geek Beat LIVE on Friday Jan 6 (basically in a week), and then here on Google+. Good luck to all!

PS - Damn, I love to give stuff away. Wait till you see what I'm planning in the new year... ;-)

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I do this. XD
...sometimes the best ideas are the most simplest.

share if like please :)

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Had to.
Since boredom seems to strike me at the strangest times, (like NOW) I have decided to once again do another and my Last of this year and 1st of next year CIRCLE WHORING circle sharing!!!
Sooooo here are the rules: I want Reshares!
Yeah +1s are great and comments are awesome but right now I have a hankering for reshares and a plethora of them,
so its simple reshare this post with this totally non related photo of Bacon Soda (why bacon soda? cuz everyone loves bacon... well everyone except for M.M. lol), and in return I will add you the my
1st 2012 Shared Circle of Awesome Circle Whores! and I will Circle Share 'the F!@#$ Outta You and everyone else in this circle!!

Happy New Year G+
Lets keep the Whoring Alive!!! reshare!!! ;)
Lets make this one EPIC!!!!

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Added my profile to the! #113456

Oh, how i wish google+ was more popular then FB.
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