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West Linn Ki-Aikido
Aikido with Mind and Body Coordinated. West Linn Ki-Aikido is a satellite program of the Oregon Ki Society, a non-profit group teaching Ki principles and the Japanese martial art of Aikido.
Aikido with Mind and Body Coordinated. West Linn Ki-Aikido is a satellite program of the Oregon Ki Society, a non-profit group teaching Ki principles and the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

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We are very excited to announce a very special guest coming to West Linn Dojo this Monday night!

WHO: - Dr. Shirley McCartney Sensei - 5th Degree Blackbelt and one of the Oregon Ki Society's top Children's Instructors

WHEN: Monday, April 9th 2018

5:10pm-5:55pm (Little kids class)
6pm-6:55pm (Big kids class)



McCartney Sensei has been teaching children at the Oregon Ki Society Headquarters dojo for over 20 years. She began her training in Scotland prior to moving to the U.S. and has been Chief Instructor Tabata Sensei's student ever since. She is one of the federation's highest ranked women and a neurological researcher at OHSU. Dr. McCartney Sensei is an outstanding role model to children, very energetic and a fun instructor.

FUN FACT: McCartney Sensei is married to our very own John Wade Sensei!

See you soon!
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WEST LINN DOJO OPEN, Thursday Feb 22. As of now, the roads are expected to be clear. Class resumes for all normal times.
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Due to the weather moving into the area, we are cancelling all classes today, Tuesday, Feb 20th.

REMINDER: West Linn dojo follows the Marylhurst University and Clackamas Community College closures. If either school closes, we will close too.

Drive safe!
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We are sorry for the VERY short notice, but classes are cancelled tomorrow night (Thursday, Dec 14th) for adults and children.

We have a scheduling conflict that will prevent our instructors from teaching tomorrow. We attempted to secure a substitute instructor, but our other dojo instructors were unavailable to fill in due to prior commitments.

Sorry again for the short notice. See you next time!
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TEST NIGHT RESULTS!! Congrats to: Adrick (1st Yellow), Stella (1st Yellow), June (1st Yellow), Zane (2nd Orange), Cory (2nd Orange) and Beau (2nd Blue)!! Congrats to all!! Good luck to Steve on Thursday for 1st Brown!
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Join us for our Kids Aikido Classes 3 nights a week.
Monday: 5:10-5:50pm (Kids Ages 4-7) / 6pm-6:55pm (Kids Ages 7-12)
Tuesday: 6pm-6:55pm (Kids Ages 7-12)
Thursday: 5:10-5:50pm (Kids Ages 4-7) / 6pm-6:55pm (Kids Ages 7-12)

New to our dojo? Come in for a FREE intro!

Children will learn:
- how to maintain focus
- how to stay calm in stressful situations
- how to respect themselves and others
- how to work with a partner through cooperation
- how to resolve conflicts without fighting
- how to defend themselves by re-directing attacks away from them safely
- how to use their skills in daily life
-- improve relationships with friends, siblings, parents & teachers
-- improve school performance
-- improve performances in sports
-- cope with bullying and peer pressure
-- learn how to see a task through to completion
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COMING IN THE NEW YEAR! Aikido for older adults & seniors!

Karen Lewis Sensei is launching a new program for older adults & seniors beginning in January 2018.

Classes will be held every Tuesday from noon to 1:30pm @ West Linn Dojo. Ages 50+.

A gently paced class for those interested in the fundamentals of Aikido to strengthen the mind and the body.

Class includes:
- Mind & Body Unification
- Meditation & Breathing Techniques
- Exercises & Stretches to extend mobility
- Natural movement, good posture and a focus on improved health
- Fundamental principles of Aikido
- Training in conflict resolution (non-dissension)
- Aikido Arts
- Ukemi (how to fall safely) suited to each student's abilities
- How to relax the body & focus the mind

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today!

First month is FREE!! Try out our dojo to see if this is a good fit for you!
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Due to the holiday schedule & two of our Senseis being away on vacation - there is no class at West Linn Dojo on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Happy Thanksgiving! See you next week at the normal days and times
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To celebrate the opening of our new Dojo in West Linn, we are offering 1 MONTH of FREE classes to any new visitor who trys out our dojo between now and November 16th, 2017.

- Train up to 3 days a week at our new dojo!
- FREE!! - There is NO COST for a total of 4 WEEKS!
- Train with either Ward or Wade Sensei on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings between 7pm-9pm.
- Take classes in Ki-Aikido for teens & adults

This offer is for new students only. Just come down, fill out an application and start taking classes!

- Learn the beautiful Japanese martial art of Aikido.
- Learn:
-- self defense
-- focus
-- meditation
-- unification of mind & body
-- breathing exercises
-- calmness

To learn more about our classes, please visit

NOTE: This offer is for teens (ages 13+) and adults only.
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This 4 week Women's Kiatsu Intro Course is taught by Karen Lewis Sensei. Karen is a certified Kiatsu Instructor who holds a rank of 1st Dan [Blackbelt in Aikido] and Shoden [Blackbelt in Ki Development].

The class runs from 6:30pm-8:00pm every Wednesday night for four weeks beginning October 25th.

What is Kiatsu?

Kiatsu is a form of Japanese acupressure therapy to relieve pain, soreness and stiffness while improving overall health in a natural way that encourages the body’s own healing abilities to work more efficiently.

Kiatsu is an effective treatment for Migraines, headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain and muscle aches. It can be used to reduce bruising and/or inflammation. It is an excellent way to improve your health, relieve pain, relax the body, increase mobility, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

What You Will Learn:

- Various physical Kiatsu forms & techniques for applying relaxed pressure to the body
- Several forms of meditation
- Deep breathing techniques
- Unification of Mind & Body techniques
- How to calm the mind and relax the body
- How to develop and utilize Ki (living energy)
- Basic daily health exercises to increase flexibility and reduce tension
- You will learn to apply Kiatsu techniques to yourself and to others.

All you need for class: A T-shirt, a pair of sweatpants, socks and a positive attitude.

Join the course for a free intro at any time! After the 4 Week course is done a follow up hour long regular class will kick off the week after Thanksgiving!
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