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Crockpot Beef Stew by Kelly Corso
I don't know about you guys but when I think of Crock-Pot I think of this old guy! It brings fond memories of my childhood and the smells in the house of the Crock-Pot simmering all day. My mom calling when we got home from school and telling us to add anot...

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Food Link Love by Susan M. Walls
Okay...lets talk about food! It is one of the most important things you do everyday. Whats your favorite? Do you have breakfast? Lunch?  My family spends a lot of time around thinking, making, and eating food. About three years ago we embarked on a journey ...

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Ice Resin 101 by Susan M. Walls
Hello everyone! Today I am doing a follow up from Ursula's post about her art belt buckle. Very cool by the way...I love the stamping and the color! I thought I would go back to basics and show you how Ice Resin is the easiest. Also I'll throw in some tips ...

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Being Susan M. Walls-Beverly
Out of my comfort zone In this series, Susan, Lori and I decided it would be fun to trade places, and try our hand doing projects that the others usually specialize in. For this attempt I am trying out a resin project using a product that Susan works with a...

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Link Sharing by Susan Walls
Hello everyone! I've been a bit lax on the schedule here because of busy times in my studio but wanted to jump in and do some link sharing today. Maybe give you some new things to read and learn about for the weekend. So...I do a lot of cruising around the ...

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Two Book Reviews by Shells in the Bush
Hi everyone!!  I'm Michelle Reynolds from and the Cre8ive Klatch Team.   I recently purchased two books about drawing and painting mixed media faces which is something I am focussing on creating this year. One of my first mixed medi...

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Inspiration Decks
You've probably heard of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards.) But have you heard of "Inspiration Decks?" They are like ATCs on steroids! Like ATCs, Inspiration Deck Cards are yummy little works of art, but instead of being individual cards, they are grouped into de...

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The Artistic Journey of Linda Kay's Art ~ Chapter 552
I am delighted to be a member of
the Cre8ive Klatch.  It is a wonderful
place where we share our cr8ivity and inspirations. Today I want to share with
you a part of my artistic journey. Ever since I can remember, art and
craft making has been a big part of ...

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Gr8full Cre8ives Equal Self Love Week 3!
This week we will practice gratitude and use love in the practice of all things! Here's how to connect your love in practice with us: Every week on Saturday a new weekly collection of  prompts will post with each number on the graphic corresponding to the d...

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My Healing HeART by Linda Kay
I have been on a journey of love the last 2+ years. A journey of self care, learning to let go of past hurt and re-start my life filled with love, trust and happiness. I found a way to take the bad, horrible times and learn from them. I've learned a lot! I'...
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