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Hanif Azhar

“How time flies; another ten days and I have achieved nothing. It doesn’t come off. A page now and then is successful, but I can’t keep it up, the next day I am powerless.” (Franz Kafka)

See? even Kafka got the writer's block in his life? Some writers argue that “writer’s block” isn’t real. It’s just an excuse to use when we’d rather procrastinate than get to work on our writing projects.

Okay then, this is just a note as my personal reminder to break the writer's block since I've decided to write a book within 2 months! Bismillah!
1. Maya Angelou’s “Just Write” Strategy
2. Anthony Trollope’s “Timed Writing” Strategy
3. Neil Gaiman’s “Hibernation” Strategy
4. John Steinbeck’s “Write to One Person” Strategy
5. Ernest Hemingway’s “Hoarding” Strategy
6. Toni Morrison’s “Writing Ritual” Strategy
7. Hilary Mantel’s “Get Away From Your Desk” Strategy

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