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An old soul in a young(ish) body
An old soul in a young(ish) body

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Affordable Wedding Dresses - Strapless
People tend to either love or hate strapless wedding dresses; they divide opinion the same way that they often divide your arm fat to create an unattractive muffin top look. This, of course, is why they're not always popular; you have to be very careful whe...

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Affordable Wedding Dresses - Crochet
Bear with me; I know that when most people think of crochet, granny blankets spring to mind. But crochet can actually be delicate and stylish and it can look great in a wedding dress, as shown by LeAnn Rimes' wedding brunch crochet dress. You can either go ...

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Truly Vintage Wedding Fair
I've been meaning to post about this for a while as this was actually almost a month ago but work keeps getting in the way. Anyway, I wanted to let you know about the great day I had at The Truly Vintage Wedding Fair at the beautiful wedding venue  Glemham ...

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Affordable Wedding Dresses: Ethereal
This week's affordable wedding dresses post isn't inspired by a certain era, rather a certain look; an ethereal look. It's quite hard to explain the term ethereal but I'm sure you all know what I mean. An ethereal wedding dress is usually light and floaty, ...

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Books About Town
The Librarian, Author: Terry Pratchett If you're in London then you've probably already seen the amazing new book benches that are up for the summer. I haven't ventured out of the sticks recently so haven't seen them myself but I love all the designs and I ...

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Affordable Wedding Dresses: Medieval
From Guinevere to Maid Marion, the medieval theme is ideal for a wedding. A medieval wedding dress combines the two looks that brides are most often after; ethereal and elegant. Medieval dresses most usually feature long, flowing sleeves, a fitted bodice an...

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Clara Bow - Domestic Sluttery
Check out this great blog post about silent movie actress Clara Bow over on Domestic Sluttery . It's part of their Excellent Women series and provides a glimpse of the amazing woman she was; a great actress and ahead of her time in her views and lifestyle. ...

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Affordable Wedding Dresses: Victorian
This week's affordable wedding dresses post is based on Victorian style. Victorian wedding dresses have always been a niche wedding style, but now they are becoming more mainstream. With films and television shows like Sherlock Holmes and Ripper Street comi...

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Affordable Wedding Dresses: Regency
As I explained before, this week's Affordable Wedding Dress post is late due to deadlines . But here it is at last and this week I'm featuring some lovely Regency-era wedding dresses. For a regency look channel Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett in Pride an...

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"The thing that would most improve my life is 27 hours in a day. I could meet all my deadlines" - Yoko Ono
Deadline, the very word instils fear. I am under tight deadlines for a few writing projects which all need to be completed by tomorrow. Therefore I won't be posting an Affordable Wedding Dresses post today. I will hopefully be back on track on Wednesday so ...
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