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Water Filters & Filtration Knowledge You Need To Never Go Thirsty
Water Filters & Filtration Knowledge You Need To Never Go Thirsty

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Celebrate #NationalDogDay With Clean Drinking Water!

Did you know that today is +National Dog Day ?

Started ten years ago, today is day to "recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and acknowledge the family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort."

In honor of today's mission, we invite you to read the updated post below, sharing why filtered drinking water is the best way to bring comfort to a special member of our family:

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Concordia University Texas Helps Raise Funds For 10 Wells

Read more about this great initiative supported by +Concordia University Texas that's helped to raise the funds necessary to build 10 wells for those in need of clean drinking water in Africa

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Considering A Whole House Water Filtration System?

These 7 FAQ's can help guide your decision:

Check them out - and when you're ready - see what we have to offer:

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Alarming Drought Conditions in California

See the infographic below, shared by the LA Times, showing how drought conditions have spread in California over the last several years

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Drinking Water News For August 18, 2014

See why hydration needs to be a top priority during pre-season football at any level, find five ideas for the back half of National Water Quality Month, learn about the latest Clean Water Act ripples and meet craft brewers bring West Coast water taste out East in the latest #DrinkingWaterNews

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6 Surprising Facts About Drinking Water & Hydration

Thanks to ABC News for sharing these six surprising facts about water, including whether your daily cup of coffee counts as a source of hydration!

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Water Test Kits Help Ensure Water Quality

Thanks to +Metro Times Detroit for sharing a link to the drinking water test kits, available on our site, in their water quality article below!

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To keep in mind during any late season camping trips
29 "Leave No Trace" Tips for Wilderness Visitors: 

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What Is Chloramine?

Better know a drinking water impurity, and better understand its potential impacts on your home and health, by reading today's new blog post
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