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s/turing/turning/ ?

Having the* in the music collection is just awful. Can't you filter them out ? 

I have an issue for a long time with n7. Sometimes the player just stops but just switching backlight on (but without unlocking the phone) is enough to make it playing again. Seems that getting the focus back on the lock screen is enough to resume the playing. This only occurs between two tracks, never during a playback. And it's not a matter of white noise as I tried waiting few minutes and it always works by getting the focus back on the lock screen.

What I'm missing is being able to parse my DLNA server to add music directly in n7 instead of using dsaudio or bubbleupnp. Would beer lovely to have dlna support in n7. Cheers.

When we have a VA album, why does the locking screen shows all the artists of this VA album instead of the currently playing one like in the regular interface ? I just care of the current one when playing.

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New web site for Kernel Recipes 2013 is in progress.
First speakers announced: Willy Tarreau, Yann E Maurin, Borislav Petkov, +Thomas Petazzoni   - Stay tuned!

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#eNovance  needs you ! Currently recruiting talents, feel free to ping if interested.

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