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Personalized Learning
This post first appeared in Larry Ferlazzo's Education Week Teacher column, as part of a series of responses to the concept of personalized learning. What does "personalized learning" mean, and what
can it look like in the classroom? Learning is an accompli...

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Be Special, Educator!
Be Special, Educator! I am old
enough to have been there at the beginning of special education, and
fortunately, I completely missed the euphemism of “special.” I knew schools
were filled with students who were disengaged, abused, overwhelmed, scared, with

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Teenage Boys: How to Support Your Moms, Sisters, and Girlfriends
Teenage Boys: How to Support Your Moms, Sisters, and Girlfriends Introduction: Co-writing credit for this article belongs to Pamela Clark. I have never met her. I read her article, "35 Practical Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution." I wished for th...

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Principals: Intentions and Questions at Staff Meetings
Intentions and Questions at Staff Meetings Here’s an all too common scenario: a principal floats an
idea at a staff meeting, unleashing a barrage of questions and critical
comments. It’s an exhausting ritual. The principal may anticipate the usu...

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Why Atheists Love the Common Core
“Why Atheists Love the Common Core” and why we all must keep church and state separated Atheists
don’t have faith in a higher power that they cannot see. This lack of faith
marks them as historical relics from three hundred years ago, when handfuls of

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Radical Empathy
Radical Empathy “I am standing by the
shore of a swiftly flowing river and hear the cry of a drowning man. I jump
into the cold waters. I fight against the strong current and force my way to
the struggling man. I hold on hard and gradually pull him to shore...

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The General's Masseuse
General's Masseur A Short Story By Jeffrey Benson *** "F or the love of God,
of your children, and of the civilization to which you belong, cease this madness. You have a duty not just
to the generation of the present—you have a duty to

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Tenure is a Management Issue
Picture a school system with
hundreds of teachers. Some of the teachers have been with the system long
enough to be eligible for a special benefit: job security (tenure), upon
completing 24-60 months of high quality work. It’s a critical threshold to

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Math Through the Looking Glass
All too often, math teachers sit in silent complicity when
it is said that math is exact and linear—humanities are not. Math is about
answers that are right and wrong—humanities are not. If math teachers don’t
interrupt the status quo, who will? Consider sh...

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Don't Be Bored...Or Boring
This is an exhortation, a plea, a pat on the back and a push
up the hill. It is meant to inspire and unsettle, and to help you find your
passion and determination. It comes as a request and a challenge: Don’t plan to
go into class and tell your students, “T...
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